Connections require a long time of accumulation and precipitation

The establishment of the network, is not an overnight thing, but a long-term accumulation process, need we usually pay more attention to training, usually only for their savings the enough connections, the key moment to get help. So, want to let oneself have a strong and solid relationship, in everyday life, strengthen a lot of communication links with country weeks, put these people dragged to their side, become a node in their networks, more and more of these nodes, your network is more and more powerful and strong, in the difficulties you encounter, perhaps which friend can provide you unexpected help.
No matter be a network, or by the development of contacts, you need to pay and care for a long time, so that in order to inadvertently gradually establish their own network of contacts. What is the main way to rely on the accumulation of contacts?
Acquaintance introduction
Acquaintance introduction is one of the most direct and the most effective way to expand the network, because it is an acquaintance, so, there is no contact with strangers when not trust, contact the natural on less? Some caution and caution, you can become more and more acquaintances, friends. Such a method, with a magic power, the effect is often half the effort.
An insurance sales personnel to visit a success and to obtain fast orifices so brilliant achievements to him for advice, successful people answer: “because I know a word of magical motto.”
The salesman said: “can you tell me what this is?” “I need your help!” the successful person said. “Every time I see my customers, I will say to them: I need your help. Many of my clients will agree to help.”
The salesman after listen to him in accordance with the successful people seem to have hit the jackpot, the way to expand their interpersonal circle. The images of his customers a snowball as snowball, several years later, he finally became American history the first a year in sales of more than $10 billion of life insurance of successful people, he was known as American life insurance marketing master Gandalf.
Gandalf through acquaintances introduced method, let their interpersonal relationship network more and more, more and more solid, and finally the himself as life insurance marketing guru laid a interpersonal Avenue.
Ladies, do you have any acquaintance? If anything, might as well let them help you to introduce more people! By acquaintances to make their acquaintance, will make your interpersonal context cover a wider area, so, no matter where you go, no matter what things need to get others to help you have will than you know a few number of people should be much more smoothly.

Everyone can not be separated interpersonal network

The relationship net in the realistic society, criss crossing, deep-rooted, everyone everything are intertwined in the complex network of relationships. In the net, do not understand the business relationships, popularity is not good, it is very difficult to do one thing perfectly. But on the good use of their relationships to the people, dealing with problems, often can feel just like a fish in water is very smooth.
For every person who walks the society, the network is a huge wealth. A good network of contacts, is your success on the booster, will be in the process of your progress, the moment to help you. “Wall Street journal” once for human resource managers and job seekers, conducted a survey, survey shows: 95% of human resource managers or job seekers through relationships, to find a suitable person or job.
Is the so-called “one of three men to help”, no matter how capable people, all cannot do without the help of others. A person’s power is limited, whether it is intelligence, energy, money ….. all, all, all, in a certain range. Any person in progress are unable to leave the others help, therefore, to help you much, do a thing to naturally much easier.
Those who do great things, in addition to the environment, opportunities and personal ability and other factors, they have a common feature, that is to be able to deal with interpersonal relationship, good at making friends, good at helping others.
So, if you want to have a good job, if you want to get a good job, you want to get a good chance of development. And if you don’t want to succeed and have ambition wealth to, even if it is only hope to get quiet and happy, also be engaged in your relationships. In this way, even if your network of resources to your success and wealth will not play a role, but also let you in the lonely lonely people come to comfort, in the happiness when someone to share.

Human communication is a high level of human being

A person lives in this world, the survival is the first need, only has its own food and clothing problems to solve, only then has the possibility to talk about entrepreneurship and the development. And to survive in this world, you must adapt to the social environment you live in. Only to adapt to the social environment, into the community, you can get the most basic living space. And the first thing to integrate into the community, it is to deal with other people, and the people to communicate and communication, that is, we say that the communication.
The social needs of security needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, a series of human complex requirements, generally can be divided into five main levels, from low level to high level is in turn; the physiological needs of men and women, live and work in peace and contentment “,” emotional “,” famous “to respect the needs and the potential release of self actualization needs. Only when the lower level of demand is met, people will have a higher level of demand. The emergence of communication is to meet the “physiological needs” after the human specific to a variety of advanced needs, and to promote human development.
Communication is the first means of human survival and development. It is the basic way of human being to adapt to the environment, to enrich life, to meet the individual development and to improve themselves.
As a social group, we have a strong dependence on each other. That is to say, at any time, we can not completely separate from others, in accordance with their own personality and ideas to act; more often, we are to be subject to other people, to have to act according to the will of others. Therefore, we want to survive, the first important thing is to do a good job with other people.
Learn to communicate, not only can make your living space, but also can broaden your horizons, so that the quality of your life is greatly improved. It is a kind of the most common sense to understand the society and realize the social relations between people and people. Is also to meet the needs of the most basic approach.
Human and human communication, in the final analysis is to meet the needs of the present and future, these need not to exist in people’s consciousness. Each person can according to their current level of needs, and constantly transform their communicative awareness, to determine the means of communication, there are plans to carry out the communication, in order to reach their next level of demand.

As a social person, the need for human relations network

Living in this society, especially life in the fierce competition in the metropolitan population, some people start to the best of both worlds, to the wind was the wind, to rain the rain; while others everywhere runs into a wall, lifted up his eyes, and look around, a piece of vacant. In fact, everyone has the opportunity to succeed, the reason why some people succeed, some people lost, the root cause, in addition to professional knowledge, work attitude, is a very important point is that successful people often have good interpersonal relationship, while the loser is not.
Someone said: “a person in twenty to thirty years, the money by professional and physical; thirty to forty years old, on money to friends and relations; forty to fifty, by Qian Xianqian.” That is to say, in the most important ten years of life, is the need to rely on friends for their own to win money. Perhaps you will say: “I don’t want to succeed, I don’t need money, I just want a poor but happy life dull. So, I still need to have good interpersonal relationship?” To ask such a question is obviously not experience with friends and family to chat, play and even work when the happiness. Network resources to bring us is not just a flash of success, nor is it a real wealth, but also bring us a person can not feel the joy and happiness.

connection can help you succeed

From the point of view of the “pulse” character, the pulse is a system of coherent and coherent systems. “Pulse” is the main line, the main line, is a thing of the main body and framework. Hill did not “pulse”, known as the majestic, will not be able to thousands of miles; leaves no “pulse”, will not be able to stand the lush, cannot achieve shelter: people don’t “pulse”, especially to the achievement of development, unable to realize the life brilliance.
Specific to the network, it refers to the interpersonal context formed by the good interpersonal relationship, is a person based on the society must have the means of survival. A wide network of contacts, you will find opportunities in the work or life, to show their ability to compete. Connections, is your peak, to the success of the ticket, you can save the strength of the book, you open the key to open the door and window, good business contacts. Is to accumulate enough resources, find the path leading to the exploits of the road.
Contacts can help you succeed
There are a lot of people at all times and in all countries, is to rely on business contacts and to change their own destiny.
Han three uncle Liu Bei, although there is a royal descent, but only a small traders selling straw sandals. Just because he is very good at business contacts, from the beginning of the “oath of the peach garden”, in under the command of gathered Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and other tiger, and Xu Shu, after Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong the two was the most famous counselors help, finally able to Lian Wu anti Wei, the achievements of the three pillars of the Wei industry.
In the Northern Song Dynasty, Song Jiang is only a small charge division, but because he is a master of business contacts. Both three boxing killed Zhen Guan Xi Lu Zhishen, or on chingyang ridge killed the tiger Wu Song, including bold grab the birthday outline of Chao Gai et al. Many mobsters, heroes of earth, willing to gather in his command. At the end of one hundred and eight will be willing to listen to his call, for he revolve, in the later.
Whether it is “oath of the peach garden” in Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, or not to go out at a glance what is happening in the world of Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong, and “Liangshan one hundred and eight will be” are rare heroes. The reason they were able to willingly gathered in Song Jiang and Liu Bei, under the command of, on their respect with and follow their command and call. In addition to their loyal traditional character, you have to admire Liu Bei and Song Jiang business networking skills.

Multiple friends multiple paths

In real life, everyone has to be involved in social intercourse, and women are no exception. Whether it is a housewife or a professional beauty, network resources are let her become happier, more successful essential factors. Therefore, the woman also cannot neglect the importance of the network. A woman who is good at communication, even if it is a full-time housewife, will make more friends with her social skills, even if it is necessary to help her husband to save a shortcut. For those professional beauty, communication is indispensable. Communication, the most popular in the field, not only to win the boss’s favor, win colleague’s favor, to win the loyalty of subordinates, win the competitor’s drink wear, the stranger won praise that. So, women, please put your time to transfer some of the network, to maintain the relationship with all others, even if it is a stranger to meet occasionally, also do not miss.
Ting Ting is a small city of a mechanical assistant general manager of a company. On a plane to Shanghai on a business trip, met in Beijing lawyer’s girl Xiao Guan, two people of similar age and many interests in common hobby, a short journey, two people chat very speculative. Respectively, the two people left the contact information, continue to maintain contact after the meeting.
Time passed quickly, a year later, Ting Ting is located in the company because of poor management forced to shut down, Ting Ting is unemployed. Depressed and anxious over, she wanted to change the environment, to go out to find a chance, she thought of as a lawyer in Beijing Xiaoguan. So, she called off, your ideas and situation with Xiao Guan said, see small can help. Originally, she also just hold try ideas, because although a year to themselves and Xiao guan have been in contact, but after all, when the two men just on the plane know, after breaking up because their work is busy, only occasionally play a phone call about and Xiao guan and they are not in the same industry, not necessarily help. Did not expect, Xiaoguan is encouraged her to Beijing, and offered to their customers in the machinery industry, you can try to recommend they Tingting.
The next thing is going very smoothly, on the recommendation of the Xiaoguan, a mechanical company in Beijing Mister and graceful to meet and communicate with each other, the two sides to each other are very satisfied, graceful successfully found work. Later, in the company of the company performance is very good, the public to the boss repeatedly for her reward, Ting also feel their ability to play, here to find their own value.
As the saying goes: “a number of friends more than the road.” Even the occasional stranger, as far as possible to change their friends. From the above examples can be seen, often you are in the business of the contacts, can provide a great help to you at the critical moment, to change your life from now on.
Communication is not difficult, more than a man’s thing, as a modern society of new women, to get happiness, to succeed, it is necessary to pay more hardships and energy, so women should pay more attention to the powerful role of contacts, regardless of what you do, in what kind of environment, interpersonal and communication skills are an indispensable ability. This is a person living in the society must have the conditions, therefore, it can be said that for any person, the same person in the same network, a person’s “lifeline”, disconnected. Human’s life value will be very difficult to manifest.
So sisters. Product Cha action together, to weave your network, have a good interpersonal relationship mound, can make full use of network resources, you weak shoulders can bear more weight, because this time for you. Not a person, but a number of people in a steady stream to give you help and support. They are with you.