How to be a smart woman

To be a smart woman, you can grasp the freedom of life and marriage, to master their own happiness, to have a better marriage life.
One, the high expectations of marriage mentality
Women will love fantasy, fantasy in the minds of men, their marriage is what kind of. But after entering the marriage, but found that everything is not so seriously, this is not the man lied to you, but your high expectations of marriage attitude to deceive you.
Two, too self-esteem and sensitive mentality
Self-esteem is everyone should have some, this is a man’s basic principles, but small make believe that some people have self-esteem, is the so-called sensitive, such as the other party said a joke, she can not stand. To say a bad word is too far.
Three, to shirk the responsibility of the state of mind
Life can not be all smooth sailing, so is marriage, how to in the face of those setbacks, and when the storm comes to face together, rather than pushing to the plus side, doing so will only exacerbate feelings of separation between the two.
Four, the expected return of the mentality
Marriage is the need for two people to work together, so it is necessary to do a good job on the marriage of marriage psychological, do not think that their pay more, the other party will return to you. Marriage is not a business, or you don’t have to get married.
Learn how to praise her husband
1, with an unexpected speech to praise him
If the man said, “Hello handsome” and the like, it is estimated that he should have been numb, there is no sense of freshness and satisfaction. So you have to also open up a road, for example, with the tone of the accident to tell him the other side, he will be very enjoyable.
2, put him and his worship of people put together to compare
Men also have idols, there will be people who worship. If you love his people in comparison with, he should be glad of it bubble.
3, to convey the words of praise
You praise him, my husband does not necessarily will benefit, but the praise of others he will be very happy, so you can borrow from the third person tone to praise him.
4, the man in the failure of the time also do not forget to praise
How much everyone will encounter some of the things, if the man in the face of setbacks, you should praise rather than blame. The man who is in a very low mood will be very dependent on you.

Make a smart woman

Make a smart woman
Walking in the bustling metropolis, living in reinforced concrete jungle building with mud, one minute moment to cope with this world we did not stop, perhaps only in the quiet of the night lying in bed, to read yourself, let yourself wander in darkness, freedom of the soul in the night through.
Perhaps everyone walked, spaced out feeling, how is the way winners will sigh, how to not have a better chance of success, annoyed losers in my life why I always sigh or poor, has never seriously learn to look at yourself, put yourself in the perspective of the beholder, look at yourself, correcting themselves, reflect on their own. Never look in the mirror yourself, or just complain about the side of the people and society gives him unfair. I am such a person.
Simple human nature, living their complex society and the environment, but by the time the complex, we better try to see ourselves, do not confuse ENMESH their own direction, affecting both their lives, as well as loved ones around me. When we look at films, TV, tend to resent those weird, quirky personality who also resonates with those life experience, in fact, when we did into their television, perhaps no different from us and them, but she never knew it was like that. Life is the biggest regret cannot clearly see themselves, take a look at yourself, the greatest difficulties could not overcome their own. (I’m glad you see yourself, Oh that I would overcome difficulties and win)
After a lot of Internet stories, mistakenly stepped on a lot of emotional Vortex, understand a lot, others failing for the sake of each other, I let go of empathy, lifestyle changes, perhaps those depressed over a long period with the changes as a new happiness. If a person living on someone else’s understanding, tolerance, it will never be able to give people pleasure, let alone own, what joy. Why don’t you go to learn tolerance and understanding of others, even total men women are not inclusive and caring, women should go to tolerance and understanding. Even women were not mad mad, mad no scruple of an eyesore. Because no man or family would like a woman. Learn to see yourself and learn to think in the past in the bitter-sweet experiences, insight, is make life happier. More importantly learn to mediate that hidden in the heart of pent-up emotions.
When I pay always wanted to return, in the swirl of feelings, when I try to like the people I love will give I want that love, in fact, life is not what I want to do, there is always a lot going against the wishes of. May I most care about character and dignity will sometimes not to be trampled, but learn to treat people who are not worth spit. Right to examine their character and performance, also gives generous and broad chest, on to others is good isn’t it? Shendu the heart of learning, slowly fill the holes so that they may have extraordinary happiness.
Stupid me, always wanted to let people know that I have been wanting people to love me hold me, but I always want to be stupid because people care and love that is only temporary, it is always someone else’s charity and mercy, even if they are willing, but short-lived. I just want to be a wise man, hard to see myself. To strive to be a worthy honor, will never find happiness, you have the happiness of a woman. Perhaps in this fickle day and age, a lot of people like me don’t see their own shortcomings, could see the sorrow of society woman like me, sometimes feel the world is dark, because they are the most vulnerable women, but they were unable to adjust, to listen to your heart in the world. I may have no more Halo, but the attitude adjustment, strive to do present themselves, perhaps, I will live once myself. Who, after all, is brilliant.
Although for many years no longer to move text lines, no longer writes dialogue that TV scene and stop deduction not found sketches of people spinning, no distress for scripts no one knows, but also never care enough to worry about. But I’ll dance my heart to play the most beautiful colors, let my heart won’t wilt, I no longer feel this time but I have the pain, but the heart of the happiness of our own hands, who can help, give yourself sunshine while giving others joy right? Being an intelligent woman!