As a social person, the need for human relations network

Living in this society, especially life in the fierce competition in the metropolitan population, some people start to the best of both worlds, to the wind was the wind, to rain the rain; while others everywhere runs into a wall, lifted up his eyes, and look around, a piece of vacant. In fact, everyone has the opportunity to succeed, the reason why some people succeed, some people lost, the root cause, in addition to professional knowledge, work attitude, is a very important point is that successful people often have good interpersonal relationship, while the loser is not.
Someone said: “a person in twenty to thirty years, the money by professional and physical; thirty to forty years old, on money to friends and relations; forty to fifty, by Qian Xianqian.” That is to say, in the most important ten years of life, is the need to rely on friends for their own to win money. Perhaps you will say: “I don’t want to succeed, I don’t need money, I just want a poor but happy life dull. So, I still need to have good interpersonal relationship?” To ask such a question is obviously not experience with friends and family to chat, play and even work when the happiness. Network resources to bring us is not just a flash of success, nor is it a real wealth, but also bring us a person can not feel the joy and happiness.

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