How to be a smart woman

To be a smart woman, you can grasp the freedom of life and marriage, to master their own happiness, to have a better marriage life.
One, the high expectations of marriage mentality
Women will love fantasy, fantasy in the minds of men, their marriage is what kind of. But after entering the marriage, but found that everything is not so seriously, this is not the man lied to you, but your high expectations of marriage attitude to deceive you.
Two, too self-esteem and sensitive mentality
Self-esteem is everyone should have some, this is a man’s basic principles, but small make believe that some people have self-esteem, is the so-called sensitive, such as the other party said a joke, she can not stand. To say a bad word is too far.
Three, to shirk the responsibility of the state of mind
Life can not be all smooth sailing, so is marriage, how to in the face of those setbacks, and when the storm comes to face together, rather than pushing to the plus side, doing so will only exacerbate feelings of separation between the two.
Four, the expected return of the mentality
Marriage is the need for two people to work together, so it is necessary to do a good job on the marriage of marriage psychological, do not think that their pay more, the other party will return to you. Marriage is not a business, or you don’t have to get married.
Learn how to praise her husband
1, with an unexpected speech to praise him
If the man said, “Hello handsome” and the like, it is estimated that he should have been numb, there is no sense of freshness and satisfaction. So you have to also open up a road, for example, with the tone of the accident to tell him the other side, he will be very enjoyable.
2, put him and his worship of people put together to compare
Men also have idols, there will be people who worship. If you love his people in comparison with, he should be glad of it bubble.
3, to convey the words of praise
You praise him, my husband does not necessarily will benefit, but the praise of others he will be very happy, so you can borrow from the third person tone to praise him.
4, the man in the failure of the time also do not forget to praise
How much everyone will encounter some of the things, if the man in the face of setbacks, you should praise rather than blame. The man who is in a very low mood will be very dependent on you.

Wise woman not to tell

Wise woman not to tell

Wise woman by saying it was made out of. Women can not be beautiful on the outside, but there must be an intelligent mind.
Wise woman must first learn to be independent. Independent women will have a unique charm, only independence and personality will be independent. Independent woman is like coming to the Lake Lotus lilies, bright yet elegant, confident and not frivolous. Far view not only to play here.
Smart woman to be optimistic. Optimism is a positive life attitude, in the face of life’s dull bits of annoying, women must learn how to comfort, no fancy language, but to have a cheerful personality, outgoing can make a person’s mood becomes transparent, optimism can make the clouds vanish. Optimistic, cheerful woman is beautiful, moving, optimistic woman will naturally have a lot of good friends, because you can get precious joy from you. Optimistic women do not think about too many things, there are solutions for everything approach does not solve the problem, everything is with the rotation of the Earth in the past. The block can not hold back, as long as there is a face the reality of the heart can be.
Clever women must learn how to gently. Tender is the woman’s character, God will give us gentle, why not cherish, gentle woman of wisdom, gentleness is not weakness; gentle woman was very lovely, and no one wanted to pick roses are thorns; gentle woman was thoughtful and generous, tenderness is Possum blossom flowers, full of enthusiasm, but mildly self-conscious.
Smart woman to understand finance. Money is the key to life, intelligent woman may not make that much money, however, knows how to spend money to make money, and know how to use their wisdom to experience life. Wealth management is a stylish, learn about money, women will become more intelligent.
Smart woman to love reading. Read and make intelligent, histories make men wise. Nothing special like a woman, but to cultivate the habit of reading, in the book there is great wisdom in life. Love reading woman will have a unique temperament and deportment distribute faint scent.
Smart woman to free myself from Twitter. Like to talk about is a woman is a woman, wise women never talk about someone else’s good or bad, to do their most important, others rightly or wrongly their own scales to measure, why must clearly give people stigmatized as judge on, inadvertently, might become a permanent scar.
Smart woman to be open-minded tolerance. A violet accidentally stepped on my foot, it will smell on the foot, which is tolerance. Tolerance is not going down, in the face of life too much unintentional or intentional, learn to forgive, forgive. Everybody don’t want to make mistakes, people are not willing to hurt someone, just to deal with problems in different ways. Smart women, not to haggle over every ounce, is the force of mutual, you have tolerant, open-minded, as will the ability to give each other. He will also change. You have not lost anything, you get more respect and admiration.
Clever women must learn how to pretend. Clever, fool. Some things do not have to have the answer, intelligent women do not go to hash things out, not to reveal the scars of others. Don’t know know or pretended not to know. Clever stupidity is hard to come by, it should be.
Women need to be smart, smart women are respected. Smart women are not embossed beautiful vases, but delightful Evergreen in the

Be a smart woman

Be a smart woman

Smart women have “three”
Smart women have “three”, the backbone, the aura and atmosphere.

“Guts” is not because of the pressure to bend, not because of the temptation and confusion, not because of poor and dispirited, not because of the difficulties and negative, not because of frustration, not atrophy due to combat. Always keep a cool head, according to their own will, energetic live and try to make yourself happy.

“Aura” is failing over, don’t forget eyes, are not in the same places repeatedly stumbled, repeatedly hit a wall. Don’t make a fuss, to actively resolve contradictions, within its range, and all related things to do best.

“Atmosphere” is natural gas. Not trivial, no nagging, no haggle; no complaints, not complaining, not hating; not meimaohuziyibazhua, cut, cut, more mess; no dangmianyitao set; when you win, not driven, time of frustrated not to be discouraged. Regardless of the length of life, all life as one song and, conversely, into unique melodies, or magnificent, striking; or bridges, quiet and elegant.

A clever woman, let her family life a mess, won’t make the workplace a mess. With guts there often exists in constant progress in the fight, all the way forward, never stop. Reiki, as birds have wings, flying in the blue sky and white clouds on the left of the track. The atmosphere would not be troubled by secular, there would be no trivial worries, there would be no sighing deeply, a waste of time.

Life is a song, melodious song of a smart woman knows how to make life sweet and enchanting. Life is a long river, smart women know how to let the water in the wind comes, keep calm, no wind no waves caused a small ripple.

Have the backbone, the aura and atmosphere of a woman, life monotonous nor boring, plain will be respected in the workplace, life for humble admiration.

Bow is a kind of wisdom

Bow is a kind of wisdom

The ancients said: to just fold, the good is like water. Life is not without pride, but we cannot always held his head. A man of manners, like water, is good at everything, and water until soft, not disputes with people endlessly. Because they understand that those with lower higher to music, stretch; soft, can just can look back, will come in. Bow for humility, prudence, is the so-called retreat, cause cause and effect are achieved Avenue, achievement of self.
Remember, at one point, I saw the front yard of the sunflower and bowed his head, whim, found a rope and bamboo poles, a sunflower will be fixed up and was standing by it, look directly at the Sun. I naively believes that it can make sunflower save around trouble, can better absorb sunlight, future particles will be more full.

In the fall, sunflowers are ripe, I can’t wait to come to the approach of the high head sunflower, and thought it was the best, but I am dismayed that, that sunflowers were empty, there will be no full of seed, also gives off a pungent smell of mildew. I asked my father: “why the sunflower harvest held his head? “My father said, laughing:” silly boy, sunflower heads, redundant dew line does not go out, it is easy to breed bacteria, so it would be rotten, you are kind to help busy. In fact, sunflowers, slightly bowed, one is the expression of piety and respect for the Sun, then in order to protect themselves, while Sunflower is a dumb, no intelligence of plants, but they are born with the ability to know, if you want to survive in the world, it is necessary to know how to moderate head. ”

Father, I nodded a lot. Later, I observed, not only sunflowers, and many other plants are aware of this fact. For example, when millet green when they are always, a look of fear but when they come of age, but always humbly bowed his head, a look like. Because it can not only effectively avoid the danger of being broken, but also that the birds could not find focus, thus saved itself through hardships from the fruit.

At this time, it suddenly dawned on me, it turned out that bow is also a big mind, big, big wisdom. I have a friend, he has been pursuing a “good being bullied, horse ride on” philosophy, so very hard, the result has offended many people, he was not led in the unit value, was not welcomed by his colleagues. Each time, a promotion with him, carry work and he passed by, mixing for more than 10 years, or a small staff of one. Friends were wondering, he said: “I just defend their right, what’s wrong with this one? ”

Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with that, just a matter of life. General Tso’s have a saying: “when the down and out, without bullying; big date, not to be jealous. “One should know when to fight, when should I put down, just settling that is a weakness and just puffed up, that is a kind of ignorance. A overexert physical limits, insolent, arrogant people everywhere, it’s hard to get recognition and affirmation from others, it is difficult to accomplish in his career, not in the face of reality is truthless, black and blue, are being marginalized, isolated, depressed and frustrated.

Do the talking-do smart women

Do the talking-do smart women

Talking is not a glib, question-and-answer ten, but by language and communication, turns strangers into friends, and friends become friends of mutual support and understanding.
Smart women, “say” going to conquer others, “Yan” to move people; “talk” will hit the bottom, “word” will trigger. Eloquent woman, nothing can stop her.
Woman was not beautiful. But it must be done. No matter how skillfully communicate. Witty repartee. Flexibility in the way, can make a woman’s exception wonderful.
Talking, will work is an essential ability of a woman, a kind of capital, but also must master the art. Who can effectively use this art, who will be both socially and best, become a big winner in love, career and marriage.
Talking level and competence is a comprehensive reflection of the qualities of modern women and woman the ability of each to be successful. Master said the woman will do is speak and act with Homo habilis, refined way of speaking competence and excellent is their smile working, laugh at life’s important capital.
II-1. Wise woman, to get right
A clever woman, getting some practice GAB capital
In a different voice, express your personality
Voice and tone, is a woman’s second face
Speech politeness, special airfares Xia men to show your breeding
Smiling, shape the affinity of crowning
Fine woman, laconic choke
2. tongue blossoming Lotus, say the women would welcome
Talk straight, easy to hurt others
Slip of the tongue, learn to “slip stitch”
Innuendo, achieve their own purposes
Thorny topics, good smart solution
Speaking to what song to sing
More rounders, better than nothing annoying
Meet for the first time, the first impression is directly related to how you will be evaluated
Introduce yourself, generous and focused
Refined way of speaking, and improve your overall quality of
Appropriate topics, narrowing the distance between you and the stranger
The wind blows, and want to say what
Names issue, holding up each other
Women’s sense of humor, promote popular secret weapon
Talking with people, Word when it comes to others
Modest compliment, more simple
Mobilizing feelings, elicits empathy
To avoid the ice, people familiar with the topic
Word is the same, what is the key
A compliment, ‘ round a bend more natural
Sincerely confessed that others envy
Good mouth, moderate heat said
Rash words, say it easy to recover is difficult
Drafted in his own mouth on his door
Appropriate jokes make people happy, inappropriate jokes make people mad
Complaining the more worse things
Enough is enough, have to cut three points
Cards, and sometimes will kill you
Chatter, than an appropriate silence
3. love is sugar, a woman’s honey gentleness made it sweet and fragrant
Ordinary life, but sweet
To a man, “positive hints”, let him become better
Play makes life interesting
A romantic young woman, meets her husband’s potential desire
Just kidding, it is a good way to resolve conflicts
Sweet emotion, need a white lie
4. the sky in the workplace, women’s glib yourself smooth
Put the position, respect others is to respect yourself
Job interview, “said,” a chance to
Praise the colleagues, create a pleasant working atmosphere
Facing the boss, keep a proper distance from
For criticism, without wounding
Out his, would also have to say
5. family, wisdom of women’s rhetoric to achieve harmony
Nag, worry about are you spreading at home
Calmly, closing the door on the family
Angry, can’t do the East lion
No communication, “automatic understanding of” unlikely
Cuts don’t be sad, to be a good daughter-in-law than a witty wife
Careful son, talking the mother of the child does not play not scold
A make you sad child abuse can only curse
Children cooperation and try to capture his merits
To “consult”, giving children the most helpful guide
Develop a positive attitude and reason than telling a story
To teach also teach by example, to set a good example
Children have to “face”, try not to publicly rebuke him for his
Witty woman, popular thing to do
6. a woman, doing everything to please people like
Ladylike demeanor never out of
Explore the beauty of nature, creating engaging personality
Use wisdom to control their emotions
Confident woman attractive
Friendly, can have a popularity
Gratitude and you will gain more happiness
7. communicate with people, women ask for help-do you want to freelance
In return, to establish good interaction
Make a relationship of “contact”
Ask for help when practicing a good “patient”
Moving people by emotion, let the other side of the balance tipped to you
Ask-do, courtesy to good
8. create an environment women ban to pave the
Congenial atmosphere make communication more efficient
Know how to laugh at themselves and laugh others than to laugh at yourself
Contact, not sanliujiudeng people separated
Punch lines to defuse embarrassing
Playing a part, punch lines out of entanglement
“Push” wine Word, reason why not to offend
Harmony superiority is too bad
9. Watch: women do to keep up with each other’s psychological
Mantra reveal secrets
Obedient listening through conversation hearts
Read each other’s body language
Look through the clothing styles
Shows potential information from a handshake
Do find time, you first look
10. more smart, will work for women who
Front of frustrated people, do not show their pride
Women do not show himself smarter than others
By demeaning others to raise their own work
Respect for the authority of the boss, not to contradict
Say your problem, let the person understand you
Hitting does not face, curse not jieduan
People refute, you get only verbal victory
11. play to our strengths, there is a mysterious force called the gentle
Tender is the most sharp weapons
Lifted importuning results
Dear, your “noble” more
Give full play to the “femininity” of social utility
Careful and thoughtful as you win popularity
12. human, lost women are equal
Gathering popularity, respect everyone around you
More considerate of others, there is no open
Look, don’t overlook “the little people”
Tolerance is a big, nothing too much
Don’t blame others
Low-key life, understand and share
Don’t increase friction as “enmity”
13. the emotional investment, before-and-after all women should be taking someone else
Cherish long-term relationships, not burning bridges
Giving a small well, don’t hang on the mouth
Snowy weather makes life
Usual “pay” key when the “emotion”
Willing, no homes, no
14. maintain contacts, women friends are less difficult
Friend class character
Not under the influence of a personal grudge, to establish effective networking
Will take force, does not avoid “friendships of utility”
Widen your way, be good at working with people
Enhance their “use” values
Preferred overdraft money or overdraft “favor”
• Three intelligent woman, to get right
Every women want to be attractive, they are building their own fascination. Attractive woman, her every action has a magical attraction like a magnet, has conquered the hearts of the. Attractive women are most likely to be successful.
Things such as face and body, is the feminine charm of hardware while a woman’s way of doing things, the level of talks, software that was her charm, plays a decisive role. With people in the community, others on how women, women gave the impression for better or worse, are determined by expressions of a woman.
There are many women are smart, they are happy to show their superiority, commenting, defensible, and talk if debate with people, always had a way of people connecting to say a Word. This is the most attractive way of talking? Instead, women’s charm is a soft draw, with an almost overbearing means allowing people to “worship”, the result will usually only make others at arm’s length.
A female donor, his family was very wealthy, regardless of their wealth, social status, ability and good looks, no one can match up, but she was unhappy, there is not even a talking person. So she posed to realize static master, how can it be the charm to win someone’s joy.
Understanding static Jackson told her: “you can cooperate with all kinds of people anywhere, anytime, and have compassion Buddha mind, talking about Zen, listening to meditation music, do some Zen, Zen, then you can be charming people. ”
Patroness after hearing, asked: “Zen-how do you say it? ”
Understanding static Jackson: “Zen, which means joy, said true, said modest, said Li. ”
Patroness and asked: “Zen audio and how to listen? ”
Understanding static Jackson: “Zen audio and sound is the voice of all the subtle sounds, sounds insulting to the voice of compassion, voices to help against the sound crying noises, loud sound ugly, you do not mind, it is the voice of Zen. ”
Patroness asked again: “Zen thing do? ”
Understanding static Jackson: “Zen thing is giving, charitable, and the things, services, in line with the Dharma. ”
Patroness further asked: “Zen mind how can I use it? ”
Understanding static Jackson: “Zen mind you I heart, heart, all-inclusive, Pooley’s heart. ”
Patroness upon hearing this, changed the previous fragile, no longer flaunt their wealth in front of people, no longer rely on self’s beauty, always courteous, neighbours have compassionate care of dependents, soon to be praised as “the most attractive woman.”
In our lives, either a straight face all day does not make a sound, or failing to NIE NIE ru chatteration woman, it’s certainly not pleasing, but only for “speaking” and “speaking”, and the meaning of life is not enough for a woman, even though the hype, after all, or are not recognized by others.
Women have a wonderful heart and can exercise truly wonderful eloquence. First when we talk to the people around you with an understanding of the heart, of course, this does not mean that I would not say that, or the herd. To sincerely express their views, while not offending people. This requires that we speak to your head, milder euphemistic, try not to offend each other and give each other enough to face, and let each other know that we think. Smart woman but also humble enough to listen, not just listening to language, but also to listen to the tone. A woman talking is often a good listener, so the other person will want to think of her as a friend, confided to her heart.
Words charm, can make an ordinary-looking woman full of moving light. When France Salon woman, is representative of the generation of elegant style and excellent social skills, those ladies are usually not very young, but their personal charm can make dwarf King wearing a Crown. In many cases, when the talks deadlocked when this intelligent woman can easily make the situation look better. Maybe they’re not beautiful, not-so-young, but they can put everyone’s eyes are attracted to, and become the object of pursuit.
Napoleon Hill said “charismatic person that everyone loved to make friends with him; and attractive people are always happy. He seems the Sun on a rainy day, to banish the dark. Everyone is willing to do things for him, he can do to a person other people even dreamed of it. ”
Attractive women should be “in and out” basis. Understanding there is no deviation, skills can slowly understand and exercise. On the basis of this, a woman in exquisitely carved, wildly popular, is not difficult.

Women need to learn to be considerate

Women need to learn to be considerate

Accidentally in a online see such a information: a men of mood very low and depressed, all day is to wine poured worry, reasons is has has quite long of a time has, wife has been in with himself make awkward, language in the more has contempt of meaning, no longer respect himself, not for other, on for he recently career not too smooth, money earned less has, and household of overhead is is increased, especially wife habits has lavishly money, now didn’t money spent has, natural on reflect in she of mood also bad, mood bad natural face is poor, Poor face natural temper is bad.

Such of woman actually in reality life in the Meadow, and such of woman also not can said is character bad, or said is heart enough kind, should said just has compared strong of vanity or is has competitive of character just, and such of woman usually home has been by husband of variety pet, to habit has compared strong of parents style, in husband can lot money enough to support she of chic money Shi, woman may also can slightly listening to husband of several sentence words, once husband income dropped let she was economic constraints Shi, Her spoiled Lady tempers naturally will be exposed, with “poor couples day mourning” to describe such women a little too much, therefore, between husband and wife with the sweet easy win is more difficult.

In fact, live at home, the money is less, however, has more money for useless, but can make people feel at ease, but also bring more security to the family, that is the reality. However, if the couple quarrel all day for less money is also a very hurtful thing. You know, you can spend more money, less can be less money spent. In our society, more of those hundreds of Yuan a month income of ordinary workers, they live a humble place, ate simple food, wear simple clothing, smoking cheap cigarettes, even though they live in a world where we can’t even imagine, but most of them still live very simple fun?

Thus, thought of a family life with a sense of well-being and happiness, depending on the woman of the family’s attitudes and expectations for their man, if the woman needs is relatively simple, the burden of the family, men are happier, to know every man who shoulder the burden for families, I hope our family happy, carefree life.

If woman has been not satisfaction himself family of life environment and life quality, on husband of requirements natural will is high, if requirements high to husband cannot reached of degree, family not harmony of status on to avoid, couples fight even make to divorce also not uncommon of case, because, no a men like those attitude strong and hegemony of woman, men always like bird and gentle thoughtful of woman, like those talk soft and failing total wants to find husband discuss of woman, Like the peace of mind with slight vanity of women.

However, with economic development and around crowd life quality of improve, especially worship led to of material prevailed, has serious twisted has people of value concept, increasingly vanity and increasingly impetuous into has most people by hook or by crook grab wealth of thought concept, so, now in we this world in, pursuit quality and high grade life of family increasingly more, to can meet Yu life simple of woman is increasingly less. Especially currently life of price index has been in high run, except wage yiwai what are in rose, let many past life has been more plenty of family economic suddenly on appeared has austerity of status, from, these family of woman if cannot timely adjustment mentality, natural on will complaint four, home no everyday, fight into has they family often staged of program, increasingly was no security, more what on has what happiness sense has.

In fact, life is a roller coaster ride, climb, also have sunk to a low ebb when, as long as the faith unchanged, suffer hardship does not change, will keep clouds at sunrise. More importantly at this time is the wife of the man needs understanding, is a woman quietly supported and encouraged women to be patient and take care of her husband’s body, as long as men in good health will rise from the ashes of that day.

So, I wants to told has similar family problem of couples, if you of old just faced unemployment or is frustrated, please more to he is comfort and encourages, more to he is thoughtful and support, more to he is good solutions satisfactory, less is complained, less is shoot, let he can in pain and lost of years in as soon as possible exciting spirit, as soon as possible out of life of trough, as soon as possible adjustment good mentality and input to again venture of passion among.

Smart wives who know when to man encouraging and empathetic caring woman!

Find out each other’s bottom line

Find out each other’s bottom line

    Anna has been in intention and a large business cooperation, with great difficulty to find a friend to help introduce, finally, general manager of this enterprise took time from his busy schedule, he agreed to go to Anna arranged at the hotel party. Anna is very happy, it was decided that a golden opportunity to get things done, but she also struggled, general manager of the lady invited to the party.

    Two of the most important guests, both came to the party, general manager nearly middle-aged couple, but could see were well-maintained. Anna saw the general manager and then general manager praised his wife, he said:

    “Madame really elegant, extraordinary temperament, presumably son, daughter but also as parents generally excellent. Ventured to ask, I do not know the general manager has several lovely child?”

    This question does not matter, really very presumptuous. General manager of the couple have also smiling face, and shortly became a liver-colored, very ugly. Mrs. deliberately turned away, pretending not to hear, and one of the guests beside chatting. General manager can not be avoided, keep silent and looked at Anna, reach for table wine in one gulp.

    Originally, the general manager of couples unable to have children as being distressed, and even decided to divorce. Anna inadvertently questioning she lost a good opportunity this collaboration, wasted a banquet table and a night time.

    “Know thyself, know yourself.” If even the people did not get a clear idea of ​​the ins and outs, it is likely to produce many unnecessary misunderstandings in the process of interaction. Thus, it is necessary to prepare and deal with others before inquire about each other’s situation, on the other side have a general understanding of the basic situation. Touched the bottom of others, he said things have an end.

    Now more and more ways of information dissemination, “without leaving, also known world affairs”, you can use a variety of channels to obtain information and other related information.

    Best way is to grasp first-hand information to other people about, to different people inquire.

    1. To inquire about the people around him

    Around him and his contacts more frequent, his habits, manners, ideas, family background and so are more familiar with, to bring together the most basic information, then you can probably understand this human nature and experienced . If the story of Anna can advance to inquire about the situation of his friend and general manager, including his family members, living conditions, personal taboo, then this unpleasant things would not happen.

    2. To find out his opponent

    Of course, the angle is not the same for each person stand evaluation will naturally be different. In order to more fully understand his situation, you may also wish to inquire about his opponent, you may get very different answers in turn.

    To be more objective, comprehensive, you find out who the better, other family, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors and so can ask. It is important, it is necessary to get the information together, a person can not just listen to the words of the letter!

    If you have face to face, you do not get someone else’s “intelligence”, but you still have a chance, that is, your intuition and keen observation, presumably his character from his words and deeds and external temperament, hobbies, background. If you can not be sure he has a certain understanding, then you better behave conservative. Best not to ask too deep topic, try to avoid talking about their own thing clear, especially each other’s **. If the other party is not convenient to answer hastily raised problems that may cause embarrassment, resulting in communication barriers, can also cause other side of displeasure, disgust and repulsion on you.

    More and talk to strangers

    A silver-haired woman often appear on Times Square in New York. Many people suspect that she came to this walk, some exercise or something, there are people that she might homeless. But things are not like that.

    Saw the face tears of children, she will take the initiative came to ask: “You are not looking for your mother to die how can I help How about you??”

    She would pat eyeful melancholy girl’s shoulder, and asked: “!? Poor child tell me what you are sad thing.”

Although he refused to say, but there is “way” to follow:

Although he refused to say, but there is “way” to follow:

1. Others please tell

Generally speaking, in the presence of others refused or rejected is always hard to accept in person, after all, and he hoped the gap is too big. Someone else’s request just like a beautiful soap bubble, if you all of a sudden burst is somewhat cruel, and please others to give the others time and psychological cushioning, relatively speaking, are easily accepted.

2. Other pointers:

When you’re powerless, or at the request of to do when you don’t want to help, you can introduce him in several ways. Fred has also used this method in the example, he let friends pay attention to strengthening the quality of design drawings may be another way out.

If you showed ways to remain “dead line”, I believe that your friend won’t blame you, after all you are trying to help advise him. Of course, if this is successful, you will naturally become the object of gratitude.

3. Begged

Fred said he was going to buy furniture is a Dodge. If you like Fred, met each other at the invitation of potential requests, may wish to use this approach, no matter what the reason, smart person will definitely see what you mean.

4. Fuzzy answer file

If a friend or loved one suggested that flowers in the park weekend, don’t refuse. “I’m not going to, not fun at all! “Something very easy to hurt each other’s self-esteem, put other people’s enthusiasm and high spirits. You can say: “flowers are great! Go boating this season should be good, too! “This answer sounds like endorsed each other’s proposals, but it shows that you are more likely to rowing, in essence, is a negative.

5. Transfer issue is answered in the negative

It doesn’t have to be “Yes” and “no” answers the request, aside the problem itself is synonymous with refuse. If they say: “we’re skating again tomorrow to this place! “” Oh! I think we should get back! “Your answer will at least make them think you’re cold in this proposal, he will know that you want to grant his request.

6. Use meaningful silence

People have different understanding of the silence, the silence has different meanings in different. Silence can say resistance or silence expressed strong negative, can also indicate the default silence can say dull dull, can also be represented inside a wealth of thought … …

If the other party has expressed his view on things, although you smile, but you’re silent you hid the real thoughts, which he says is probably negative.

Don’t be afraid of hurting their feelings and face, acknowledge the promise of all the requests. Once you like the other person expects you promised to do things well, it will delay things, myself and my friends that I’m sorry.

Women how to weave their own “network”

Women how to weave their own “network”

Each woman has her own network, everyone is a node in the network. However, every network is different. Some people have networks large and firm, everyone was in the net “w, friendship is deep, like everyone in your network can always listen to your disposal. Conversely, some people’s network is very small and loose, as if there is little sign of trouble will be damaged or lost, networks relationships in plain, or blue Merle close occasionally, when needed, you may also consider their own interests will not be affected, or what benefits you have. So, wise woman, how to weave, to make their networks to be the former rather than the latter?

To find a node
In nature, the Spider will be released into the air when a long. Search screen. Make floating wind or air, found a strong connection points, and then let out a drape silk, and in the middle two wires plus a third wire, Yu y, forming webs most basic parts. Then, on the basis of these three wire, spiders weave more than more than 50 wire, forming embryonic form of a spider’s Web.
Women weave their own networks as well, you’ll have to search in their own network as the first node in one or several people, through their own networks and nodes his goals, and then, from here, followed by the vertical and horizontal development, continue to find other reliable node.
To develop their network node in the process, you have to take pains, take the initiative to communicate with others through various nodes to form a more intimate relationship with you. Even if you don’t succeed to form a good relationship with the node, a surname, you’ll find, you keep on trying in the process, their own node in the network has been more and more, your own net has become more and more solid, more solid.
Node role to play
Network set up, does not mean the firm, also needed continually to maintain. You need to communicate often and the nodes in your network, and connect. This is not a waste of time, quality of communication will make you save a lot of time in the days ahead.
With these “nodes” communication process, the most important thing is to learn to share. Because everyone holds a lot of information, this information may not much good to yourself, but it may be valuable to others. This time, take the initiative, take it out, let you share your information with, perhaps, there will be one or more people who need to be able to use the information you provide. If everyone can do this, then all together, there will be a huge repository of information.
Wang Fang who is a communication, whether it is in your circle of friends or classmates, she’s a warm-hearted man. Therefore, her friends when she needed help, passion to reach out and help.
In a reunion, she inadvertently heard a student waves about, a new Mall is preparing to set up a jewelry counter, specific work by the negative is expensive. This information is captured in a timely manner by Wang Fang, after the party, Wang Fang did not come home directly Yes stores go, there is expected to set up counters in the excellent location of the Mall, have great commercial value.
Wang Fang found students immediately waves, told him he wanted to lease the jewelry counter. Afraid of the waves do not believe in yourself, she quietly told the waves, in fact, he is now an accessory manufacturers ‘ agents, distribution is free of charge, so money and supply is no problem.
Wang Fang’s enthusiasm and influence in student circles is known for, plus the accessory agents this guarantee, waves very readily agreed after Wang Fang’s request.
Students get, Wang Fang and immediately contacted his good friend aixin doing jewelry business, said he has found a good shopping malls counters, have great commercial value, sales have absolutely no problem, provided that the need for free distribution, so that she can guarantee that everyone is making money.
Aixin also has dealt with Wang Fang, rely heavily on her, not only promised her free shop goods, returned to her recommending several experienced brokers. Counter opening, business was very prosperous.
Wang Fang because usually everyone is enthusiastic, willing to share their own resources and, therefore, when you want to share resources, others are keen to support. Because of this, she don’t have much money in their own case, very well land rent to the counter, also receive preferential policies for free distribution by manufacturers.
In fact, in our relationships, everyone is a little in this online nodes, these nodes are linked together, networks can be solid and strong, a problem if one of the nodes, adjacent nodes are often loose, the whole NET is no longer strong. So whether someone online to serve as a node, and all of the nodes in your network, each node has to play its role of. Only function on each node, connected together the whole NET, net to be unbreakable.
Women have their own inherent advantages, so the relatively relaxed when women in business networking. However, everything is relative, women are born with some advantages, if women are not able to make good use of and play, also may be turned into a disadvantage, become disadvantages, not only unable to more contacts for themselves, and may interfere with the operation and development of the network. So, women in the use of their own advantages when you run network, must master the good one, grasp the skills.

The friendship, active atmosphere pull.

The friendship, active atmosphere pull.
Have a preliminary contact with strangers, to friendship, relationships, this is the second step to expand your contacts. Since it is set. , you must have an active atmosphere. Although we have met, but after all, is not familiar with, then if you can create an active and warm atmosphere, each other can be relaxed, and the exchange is more harmonious. County, how active atmosphere?
(1) praise to each other. In a deeper and deeper exchanges with each other before, you can first praise each other if you know the other side of the situation is naturally better, if the other side is not too much to understand, you can first from the other side of the appearance and the performance of the scene to praise, and thus extended a topic. People are vanity, in general, the majority of people in the praise of their own will be very excited, is also willing to open the topic.
(2) the use of props, one. Meet for the first time, the simple after greeting, because the moment there is no common topic, there will be a temporary lull, between may be awkward. At this time, you may temporarily unable to from elsewhere to find the topic, then you always carry some small props can also come in handy. For example, a unique key chain summer carry on in the bag a small fan, if the other party also happens to women, it is better to say, women never find the topic, Yun to just the other side put in the hands of fine packet can be as a props which leads to the topic, and on the basis of ulterior motive.
The atmosphere is active, the topic is started, and then you will find the other party’s interest in the conversation. Interest in the topic of interest, it is best to be able to direct the interest of the other side, in the exchange process, the performance of him, (her) and their interest.
Everyone wants to be concerned about, everyone has self-esteem and vanity, you pay attention to each other, naturally meet each other’s pride and vanity, the other naturally want to be close to you, close to the distance between you and you, and even consciously and you set almost. At this time, a friendship with each other, you locked up.
One point to be noted is that when you interact with a stranger, no matter what kind of subject matter, you must accept each other with a forgiving heart. Because each person’s views and positions are not the same, maybe you will have some differences of opinion in the process of communication, then do not have to to with each other is flushed, tolerant, try to accept each other’s point of view, even if they don’t accept, also do not need to be tough against, retreat in order to advance the method maybe better, so that the other party will more acceptable to you.