To pull their own relationship

To pull their own relationship
The establishment of a relational network is not an irrelevant social activity, but an active effort to make a conscious effort to make a conscious effort to own the achievements. “Pull relationship” and “play” are two different concepts. It is a conscious effort to make contact with you in a certain way and in your success. It is a kind of initiative to pull yourself around the network of people who are familiar or unfamiliar.
Social field. Take the initiative out of your hand
Some people tend to be active in some social situations, or at a party, while others are more passive. We often find this phenomenon: some people a way, you will be able to feel her, everywhere can hear the voice of her, always can see her figure, as if she and here are friends; at the same time, there are also some people, alone in a corner, a person bored to drink coffee, as if everything is nothing to do with her.
In some places of communication, we find that most of the women do not want to take the initiative to communicate, in fact, this is only a superficial. Some passive person, is also not entirely voluntary passive, just in communicative situations, lack of self-confidence. Inside was more timid, worry about on their own initiative and greet others will be neglected or rejected, and prefers to be alone in the corner of the crowds outside the taste of loneliness. This time, if they give them a shot point, they desire to communicate will be gushing out.
In fact, everyone may will have or used to have such a psychological, however, once you’ve overcome this psychological barrier, boldly going out, you will find, the vast majority of people will return you a feeling of Chang, you think of cold or reject may simply not going to happen, even if there is, most people’s enthusiasm will damage to your heart because rebuffs or refused by melt off. So, if you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to give yourself a relationship, or should be positive, the initiative to put their hands to others, try, you will have a good income.
Of course, can not say that a person alone drink coffee is not good, it is also a personal taste, perhaps you want to be in a noisy crowd alone to enjoy a quiet. However, since it is a party, since it is a place of communication, since we have come here, why not to communicate with others? You know, in every day we are busy today, together, in the opportunity to communicate with not much, is a good opportunity to get to know a stranger, to expand their contacts in communicative situations. Here, you can put down his own modesty, others take the initiative to put out his hand, take the initiative to their lesbian relationship.

Mutual help, the world will become smaller

Mutual help, the world will become smaller

Limited by professional, athletic areas, interest and personal qualities of the individual. Because we live in the world is too small, and every day in their own small circle around the busy, not too much time and spirit to get to know more people, in order to be, we always thought that the world is very big. Really, the world is very small, as long as you step by step, walk to the outside of the circle, probably you can meet friends in different areas, you will be familiar with more categories and meet more friends.

Out of the circle, the world will become small
Women have a few of their own diplomatic circles, such as. Circle of friends. Every woman in the city sports themselves, but rarely went into the circle of others. Indeed, the diplomatic circle is not closed, but open, it is not only to take the new members come in, and also and other circles are intertwined, so that the members of the different circles have mutual acquaintance. Through their own friends, to make friends with new friends, is a good way to expand their contacts.

In Beijing, a foreign do sell things Li Kexin recently tired, plans to use annual leave to Qinghai Lake to do a short tour, relax mood. But she doesn’t want to go to travel, so, neither free, can not see the real scenery. But a girl alone, unfamiliar, and think not quiet. So, she sent a message in the QQ group, hoping to find a local friend to help her, and she can also be the other side to Beijing to help each other.

Li Kexin has a trusted friend, soon help her approached the well a local girl Liran, with 80 Liran of Yan’s idea is echoed, the arrival of Li Kexin also showed great enthusiasm. She quickly with very low price to help Li Kexin approached a local hotel, and Li Kexin planning tourist routes and in itself rests for Li Kexin when a tour guide. Two different peers soon became very good friends, and about good year-old Li ran to Beijing to play, when the time comes, Li Kexin to her when the tour guide.

Li Kexin used the time to leave, in the circle of friends and other friends, not only rich in their own survival, but also extended their own contacts.

As long as we move forward one step one step, out of the house, out of the circle itself, the category and feature of many strange probably within a short period of time will be we are familiar with.

Mutual help, can increase the time
Through the friend of the friend, we can find a shortcut to reach the goal, to prevent too much in the spirit of the times and the consumer. Through the introduction of a friend, we can come into contact with the more we had is not familiar with the category and from the scope of these strange find opportunity to.
Engaged in life insurance business Elmer Wright is the vending industry legend, he several times to become the gold in the insurance salesman. His approach to success is. I don’t sell life insurance, I just create contacts, and people come to buy life insurance.
Letterman never asked people about his insurance. He’s only doing two things. A friend to their friends to provide convenient, let friends of friends can help each other, like when he heard that a person to go to a place, he will advance care group, to the airport or quay, bus station to welcome, and probably provide convenient don’t he often do one thing every day he should book a table at the Four Seasons restaurant, invited 8 personal with his lunch. He doesn’t to these people dumping what just they gathered together, let them create relationships, so that they are familiar with it, there are a lot of people from where he purchased insurance the.
Think about it, Letterman met 8 people every day, a year down, at least give him more than 2500 potential customers, and these customers after the death of a friend?!
Letterman’s time is a friend to provide him, because he was through the mutual contact between friends, the insurance sold out. But from another point of view, Letterman’s timing was created by himself, because he was always in the same way as friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, and friends, who also take the initiative to support him.
Overseas of an observation report shows that in the difference of enterprise’s Human Resources Department of science and medicine after the invention, 37% of people is through acquaintances, friends and family to get the thing, in the 37% of employees, their relatives, friends and family and not their company’s handle staff, but for staff of friends, even the friend of the friend. That is to say, their thing is to rely on the introduction of the friend in the way to get. This shows that one of the friends of the friends of the black and white often nervous network resources.
More and more advanced science and technology, people do things more and more busy, out of the house of the time is less and less, strangers on the war time is less and less, friends of opportunities is relatively eliminated a lot. Although the Internet can let us know too much of the tools, but people and people can not only through the network can handle. We need to expand our personal connections through our friends, and we need to find new friends with friends. Similarly, we can also in our own circle, to meet more friends to meet more friends, because of the support of friends is really in support of their own.
In the past few years, the job market has emerged such a phenomenon, that is, to help the job search. Due to market reasons, many college students choose different job, business. However, different business often exist some unpredictable harm, which deal with just graduated from university students is not easy to suffer the. Then, accompanied by this phenomenon came into being a sign of help, it is different between.
Some coherent necessary students, through some method to get in touch, the mutual needs for each other, because someone familiar with the local environment, so will avoid some unnecessary harm, and correspondingly reduce the job cost; in turn, the other necessary job, also can accept such method, such, on both sides of the job or between parties formed a help circle. Each of the students in the job to help others at the same time, has also been supported by others.
Others are their own mirror, how do you treat others, others will treat you. To get someone else’s help, you need to help others. Any action is mutual, like the force and the reaction force. You help others, others naturally feel grateful, want to return to a certain time, so, when you encounter difficulties, as a return, others will naturally be willing to hand out to help you through the difficulties. In this sense, it is the aid of others to help themselves. Only among people mutual help, the world will become vivid. More time, to provide us with the support of the people, and we do not have any relationship with friends, only to get to know more friends, to make friends become our inexhaustible resources.

Woman success, connections first

Woman success, connections first
Talent in today’s society, although there is no lack of opportunity, however, to want to make some achievement, career success, is not an easy thing, for women is even more so. Because of the different ways of thinking, the decision of women in some areas of the ability and energy is indeed less than men, so, to be successful, need to pay more than men. More importantly, women who get involved in the society often need to face more complex social relations, if they are not good, it will cause women to throw all the energy into work. However, because of the more complex relationships among women, it is easier to be successful in women who are good at business connections.
Network determines your competitiveness
No matter in which society, people and people are in the existence of competition, and the competitiveness of natural from the individual’s ability, which is beyond doubt. In addition to personal ability, interpersonal competence, more performance in a personal network of resources. , although can not say how much the number of friends to determine the size of a person’s competitiveness, but said that a person’s network resources to determine the competitiveness of a person is good. The reason for this is that because the network of resources to provide you with the help and opportunities, far greater than your personal ability. A person’s ability is limited, therefore, the individual’s competitiveness is also limited. But, with the network is not the same, “more than a friend, more than an opportunity. With the help of a friend, with a wealth of resources, the equivalent of a number of individual competitiveness increased by several times.
A person’s ability is limited, even if it is a genius, it is impossible to master. In the field of their own has never set foot in the field, it will be difficult to solve the problem. This time, if there is a good interpersonal relationship, you can find it in their own savings network resources. Expert. To solve the problem in time to make it easier to succeed.
Harvard University once for top Bell Labs researcher done survey, it was found, was universally recognized professionals, and not have a first-class professional ability, but county some usual connections better people. The professional level that, although not elegant. However, they may spend a lot of time and Xing some at the crucial moment may be on their own to help people develop good relationship, so they tend to in the face of a problem or crisis. With the help of others, easily saved the day.
For anyone who wants to be successful, the network is a fulcrum of their lives, with good connections, can easily pry up their own is not easy to life.
Network is the foundation of success
Chen Anzhi, a famous successful scientist, has studied the world’s more than one hundred successful people, to draw such a conclusion that the success of the knowledge of +70% =30% network, Chen Anzhi called it. The secret of success.
We’ll see in a research report, Harvard Business School Survey of success results is that in successful business people, 26% rely on the ability to work, 5% rely on family background, and interpersonal relationship accounted for 69%
Perhaps you to such a formula or a research report skeptical. However, this is indeed reflect the real situation of the social reality, is based on fact.
A survey of top executives in the US business community has shown that the average cost of 3/4 is the largest of 80% executives in human resources that “the company’s biggest asset is one of the most successful people,” says Guan Jian, who is 70% of the company’s biggest asset.
Throughout the world of all successful people, no one is not a very rich person of network connections. Regardless of which industry’s success, in their struggle, in their relatively difficult time, no one is not to get the help and support of friends. It is because of these friends to help and support, they can smoothly through, so successful.
Of course, contacts and important, or to have knowledge as a foundation, otherwise, only by the network is very difficult to succeed, and, without knowledge as bedding, the accumulation and operation of the business will be greatly affected. In fact, we have never ignored the importance of knowledge, there is no reason to ignore the knowledge, but, the same, the business and the accumulation of human relationships can not be ignored.
Each person has the potential, your potential can not be transformed into the ability of the reality, often depends on you can get help from others. Before you have the potential to transform into ability, be sure to do a good relationship with others, so that you can really show up, and this is just the first step in your interpersonal relationship.