connection can help you succeed

From the point of view of the “pulse” character, the pulse is a system of coherent and coherent systems. “Pulse” is the main line, the main line, is a thing of the main body and framework. Hill did not “pulse”, known as the majestic, will not be able to thousands of miles; leaves no “pulse”, will not be able to stand the lush, cannot achieve shelter: people don’t “pulse”, especially to the achievement of development, unable to realize the life brilliance.
Specific to the network, it refers to the interpersonal context formed by the good interpersonal relationship, is a person based on the society must have the means of survival. A wide network of contacts, you will find opportunities in the work or life, to show their ability to compete. Connections, is your peak, to the success of the ticket, you can save the strength of the book, you open the key to open the door and window, good business contacts. Is to accumulate enough resources, find the path leading to the exploits of the road.
Contacts can help you succeed
There are a lot of people at all times and in all countries, is to rely on business contacts and to change their own destiny.
Han three uncle Liu Bei, although there is a royal descent, but only a small traders selling straw sandals. Just because he is very good at business contacts, from the beginning of the “oath of the peach garden”, in under the command of gathered Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun and other tiger, and Xu Shu, after Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong the two was the most famous counselors help, finally able to Lian Wu anti Wei, the achievements of the three pillars of the Wei industry.
In the Northern Song Dynasty, Song Jiang is only a small charge division, but because he is a master of business contacts. Both three boxing killed Zhen Guan Xi Lu Zhishen, or on chingyang ridge killed the tiger Wu Song, including bold grab the birthday outline of Chao Gai et al. Many mobsters, heroes of earth, willing to gather in his command. At the end of one hundred and eight will be willing to listen to his call, for he revolve, in the later.
Whether it is “oath of the peach garden” in Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, or not to go out at a glance what is happening in the world of Zhuge Liang and Pang Tong, and “Liangshan one hundred and eight will be” are rare heroes. The reason they were able to willingly gathered in Song Jiang and Liu Bei, under the command of, on their respect with and follow their command and call. In addition to their loyal traditional character, you have to admire Liu Bei and Song Jiang business networking skills.

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