Connections require a long time of accumulation and precipitation

The establishment of the network, is not an overnight thing, but a long-term accumulation process, need we usually pay more attention to training, usually only for their savings the enough connections, the key moment to get help. So, want to let oneself have a strong and solid relationship, in everyday life, strengthen a lot of communication links with country weeks, put these people dragged to their side, become a node in their networks, more and more of these nodes, your network is more and more powerful and strong, in the difficulties you encounter, perhaps which friend can provide you unexpected help.
No matter be a network, or by the development of contacts, you need to pay and care for a long time, so that in order to inadvertently gradually establish their own network of contacts. What is the main way to rely on the accumulation of contacts?
Acquaintance introduction
Acquaintance introduction is one of the most direct and the most effective way to expand the network, because it is an acquaintance, so, there is no contact with strangers when not trust, contact the natural on less? Some caution and caution, you can become more and more acquaintances, friends. Such a method, with a magic power, the effect is often half the effort.
An insurance sales personnel to visit a success and to obtain fast orifices so brilliant achievements to him for advice, successful people answer: “because I know a word of magical motto.”
The salesman said: “can you tell me what this is?” “I need your help!” the successful person said. “Every time I see my customers, I will say to them: I need your help. Many of my clients will agree to help.”
The salesman after listen to him in accordance with the successful people seem to have hit the jackpot, the way to expand their interpersonal circle. The images of his customers a snowball as snowball, several years later, he finally became American history the first a year in sales of more than $10 billion of life insurance of successful people, he was known as American life insurance marketing master Gandalf.
Gandalf through acquaintances introduced method, let their interpersonal relationship network more and more, more and more solid, and finally the himself as life insurance marketing guru laid a interpersonal Avenue.
Ladies, do you have any acquaintance? If anything, might as well let them help you to introduce more people! By acquaintances to make their acquaintance, will make your interpersonal context cover a wider area, so, no matter where you go, no matter what things need to get others to help you have will than you know a few number of people should be much more smoothly.

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