Everyone can not be separated interpersonal network

The relationship net in the realistic society, criss crossing, deep-rooted, everyone everything are intertwined in the complex network of relationships. In the net, do not understand the business relationships, popularity is not good, it is very difficult to do one thing perfectly. But on the good use of their relationships to the people, dealing with problems, often can feel just like a fish in water is very smooth.
For every person who walks the society, the network is a huge wealth. A good network of contacts, is your success on the booster, will be in the process of your progress, the moment to help you. “Wall Street journal” once for human resource managers and job seekers, conducted a survey, survey shows: 95% of human resource managers or job seekers through relationships, to find a suitable person or job.
Is the so-called “one of three men to help”, no matter how capable people, all cannot do without the help of others. A person’s power is limited, whether it is intelligence, energy, money ….. all, all, all, in a certain range. Any person in progress are unable to leave the others help, therefore, to help you much, do a thing to naturally much easier.
Those who do great things, in addition to the environment, opportunities and personal ability and other factors, they have a common feature, that is to be able to deal with interpersonal relationship, good at making friends, good at helping others.
So, if you want to have a good job, if you want to get a good job, you want to get a good chance of development. And if you don’t want to succeed and have ambition wealth to, even if it is only hope to get quiet and happy, also be engaged in your relationships. In this way, even if your network of resources to your success and wealth will not play a role, but also let you in the lonely lonely people come to comfort, in the happiness when someone to share.

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