Human communication is a high level of human being

A person lives in this world, the survival is the first need, only has its own food and clothing problems to solve, only then has the possibility to talk about entrepreneurship and the development. And to survive in this world, you must adapt to the social environment you live in. Only to adapt to the social environment, into the community, you can get the most basic living space. And the first thing to integrate into the community, it is to deal with other people, and the people to communicate and communication, that is, we say that the communication.
The social needs of security needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, a series of human complex requirements, generally can be divided into five main levels, from low level to high level is in turn; the physiological needs of men and women, live and work in peace and contentment “,” emotional “,” famous “to respect the needs and the potential release of self actualization needs. Only when the lower level of demand is met, people will have a higher level of demand. The emergence of communication is to meet the “physiological needs” after the human specific to a variety of advanced needs, and to promote human development.
Communication is the first means of human survival and development. It is the basic way of human being to adapt to the environment, to enrich life, to meet the individual development and to improve themselves.
As a social group, we have a strong dependence on each other. That is to say, at any time, we can not completely separate from others, in accordance with their own personality and ideas to act; more often, we are to be subject to other people, to have to act according to the will of others. Therefore, we want to survive, the first important thing is to do a good job with other people.
Learn to communicate, not only can make your living space, but also can broaden your horizons, so that the quality of your life is greatly improved. It is a kind of the most common sense to understand the society and realize the social relations between people and people. Is also to meet the needs of the most basic approach.
Human and human communication, in the final analysis is to meet the needs of the present and future, these need not to exist in people’s consciousness. Each person can according to their current level of needs, and constantly transform their communicative awareness, to determine the means of communication, there are plans to carry out the communication, in order to reach their next level of demand.

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