Let the woman contacts Xinxiangshicheng

Let the woman contacts Xinxiangshicheng
Women living in modern society, especially women who have just graduated from college are looking for work, many people have such a feeling, although the market is always a lot of recruitment, although many large companies are recruiting, but to their own here, but can not find a suitable job.
Acquaintances recommended to help you easily find a satisfactory job.
In fact, to find a good job, not just to buy a newspaper, a visit to the recruitment website will be able to easily get through the recruitment website. Many times, from the introduction of acquaintances to be more successful than your own high probability of success. The results show that more than half of the company in the recruitment of employees, especially the need for some important positions, are the first from the company’s internal staff or acquaintances recommendation, because the risk of a small number of acquaintances recommended site recruitment, but also bring more easily into the state of staff. So, as long as your ability to be competent for a job, in the case of an acquaintance recommended, the probability of your success is almost one hundred percent.
Xiaoqin next month is going to a famous website served as deputy editor in chief, this is a copy of her long-awaited work. Little piano naturally very happy. However, happy, she did not feel the accident, because in her view, with their ability to work and good interpersonal relationships, get this job is only a matter of time.
Small Qin has five years of network editing experience, at work, she with a keen sense of professional, skilled business editor and legendary professionalism, in the circle of the medium-sized small famous, industry colleagues almost all know Xiaoqin. In addition to such well-known because of the professional skills and professional skills and dedication, but also because she usually very attention to the management of their own network resources.
In the network editing of this period of time, the small piano and the major site editors have had a lot of contact, many of which are some of the senior editor reporters. Although the business is not too much, but usually private relationship is good, every day, or the other special day, the little piano will be the first time to send greetings and blessings. As for the usual contact, although most of the network, but the other side of the small piano in the other seemingly casual day, send an email or in QQ, MSN send a smile and greeting. If you have time, she will also invite some friends to go to KTV or shopping, eat. Therefore, although she does not have any particular outstanding contribution and work in the industry, but, because of the good interpersonal management, many people in the world are her good friends, she wants to go to large web sites to do the idea of editing is also put on the friends of the proceedings.
So soon friend told Xiaoqin, a large portal is seeking a deputy editor in chief of staff, and consent of Xiaoqin, Xiaoqin resume directly recommended to the units in the human resources department. Website of the human resources department manager and editor in chief to understand the relevant circumstances that Xiaoqin influence in the industry, contacts and the ability to work all aspects of quality are very suitable for the site of the current development. After several interviews, the site finally determined to hire small Qin deputy editor.
Xiaoqin use their accumulation in the circle of good, easily get their desire to work. From this point of view, the communication skills of small piano, in its work after the R, perhaps more than her own professional and more to play a role.
In fact, whether it is the enterprise recruitment, or individuals looking for work, are more willing to use contacts. Through the recommendation of a relationship with the two sides, both sides of the trust of each other will be greatly increased, cooperation will be more understanding and more harmonious. So if you are a clever women, whether you are just Huaye are applying for a job, or intend to shoot jump, or your current job make you satisfied and happy, you should use every opportunity to own savings contacts, if not to find work, with sufficient network resources, for your current job and a great help.
Communicative competence is the survival of the modern people, for any one of the workplace, especially women, are very important. Good interpersonal skills and communication ability, not only help you to find a good 1 for the Lord direct and simple, a person in the career development process, good interpersonal skills will have glaze often directly, slope 39 for JN. So if you want I “I own career development faster, than their own future development road) t was more flat, Deng, enhancing the ability of interpersonal communication, let oneself become a talent of modern communication, to gather around you more friends and elegant, allow themselves to become the center of the help they. Want to think, the kind of day is not to be more happy?
Don’t put their connections unusable
Just Huaye students, often suffer from just step into the society, no more stronger connections to help fin a oneself, resulting in some good opportunities for former West can not match. At the same time, there are some people, because of lax management pat, you have connections, thereby losing some could use the good opportunity.
Nana candidates television entertainment presenters. At the time of the interview, unexpectedly the view, the interviewer turned out to be his good friend Jingjing before the intern teacher Hanbo, have a good relationship with the cyanine cyanine, Nana had also seen him.
After the interview, Nana to good friends the cyanine cyanine call, tell her I saw her intern teacher’s things, and asked her to ask about your interview and see that they have no chance to enter a retest.
Jingjing received a phone call from Nana, also surprised. After the internship, because of the busy work, she has been a long time no contact with the Han teacher. This time, by Nana, she suddenly thought of it.
She quickly found the phone call to the South Korean teacher, called after the past, by the way to ask Nana. The teacher is very happy, said: “I remember, Nana is a good performance, she is your friend, I think she should have no problem to enter the next round. Oh, how do you work now? After the end of the internship, there will be no news of you, I have a few chances here to recommend to you, but, has not been able to contact you, very sorry!”
Know the cyanine cyanine have found a satisfactory job, Korean teacher to relief said: “find a good job just fine. Just don’t forget to contact, may have a better chance!”
On the one hand to promise a certain Jingjing contact, as well as some remorse. Korean teacher although not blame himself, however, the teacher always regret remember their work, while they have not with him. At the same time, she is also reflection, because of their own in the passive nature of communication, not only lost a lot of good opportunities, but also a little bit of their contacts to the neglect.
The cyanine cyanine is lucky, because friends Nana things, let her contact to their intern teacher Hanbo and recognized in a timely manner to their neglect of interpersonal relationships. Although they have missed some good opportunities, but in general, to their own or not cause too much damage.
In real life, Qiu the cyanine cyanine such neglect operations his contacts of a lot of people, especially some introverted girl, whether it is for what reason always seldom take the initiative to their network of resources management, not add new resources for their own contacts, sometimes, Yun to existing resources because of their neglect of contact and was eventually abandoned.
In fact, the girl just graduated from university will not have to distress, network resources will not have to wait until the social future will have, as long as you are good at business, don’t neglect to keep in touch with others, your personal connections, from any time can start. Teachers, students and their friends in college. You during the internship period teachers or leaders of the unit, perilla to your hardworking frugal hours understanding people or tutor when exposed to the parents of students, can become a member of your network of resources. Han Bo in the story above the teacher, it is only an intern teacher. Jingjing.
As a new era of the new women, although you may have stable career, family happiness, however, must not Ryukyu suddenly the networking business, don’t put their contacts shortage nullify. Even if you don’t have a relationship at a time, at any time, the network resource is the capital you must have in this society.

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