Opportunity is given by others.

Opportunity is given by others.
Many had just walked society young people, especially who believed has the ability and capital of young people, in the beginning of his career, often used to free the personnel, that rely on their own have a bit of talent, can be alone in the world, all over the world no adversary. As everyone knows, the heroism of the individual thought and behavior. In the future career, is a very fatal weakness.
Such a person, often in the future work everywhere be rebuffed, frustrated and working time longer more snags, the more serious setbacks. Such people do not know how to cooperate, do not understand the importance of interpersonal relationships, resulting in their own not only lost a lot of rare opportunities, and can not get promotion or promotion opportunities, or even because they can not integrate into the team, and had to be expelled from the team.
Opportunity comes from the people around
Now the workplace, more attention to team cooperation. If you have excellent professional skills, but arrogant, not with the people around you mingle, then, even if you have filled with ambition but in vain. In a lot of times, don’t be too proud to be in the face of a colleague, and get along with them. Give others a happy mood, give others the opportunity to play their own talents, in fact, is to give yourself the opportunity to help others, but also to their own. With another force qingyun. Opportunity.
Graduated from a famous university in Shanghai computer professional Zhang Lan, from a young age, so, whether parents or school teachers, all of her love. During the University, Zhang Lan performance of surplus all talents. Therefore, the envy of students, teacher appreciation, she often narcissism. She used to. Bachelor degree, master’s degree. To evaluate your ability.
In Zhang Lan has not yet graduated, east of a software development company to school personnel selection, and preferential treatment to recruit her into the company. In the company executives and Zhang Lan into a deeper communication to confirm she really talented, therefore, decided to direct entrusts with an important task, let she presided over the development of a medium-sized game software.
In such a competitive society, many college students are still running on the job on the road, Zhang Lan has early to bear such a burden. To this end, Zhang Lan is very proud of himself, decided to seize the opportunity, take a big.
But LAN Zhang bon voyage to go down, this is unexpectedly suffered a her “Waterloo” in the process of software development, she actually can not be to fully cooperate with the development of other members of the group, make progress in her work very difficult.
Originally, because Zhang Lan was a favored way, formed the self-centered personality. In the development of the group, she not only extremely conceited, not to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the other members and bossed around by other members, calling the shots, we in many times after the patient finally collective protest, no longer follow her advice. And in her opinion, it is not willing to cooperate with other members of her work.
After the general manager of the company to understand the situation, some regret to tell Zhang Lan. We very much appreciate your talent, but you should know the importance of team of a company, I can’t for you a person who commits outrage, so very sorry, I must put you replace down and transferred to another position, although I also feel very sorry. In addition, I hope that you can think about the problem of getting along with others seriously, that’s very important!
LAN Zhang talented eventually declined the general manager of the transfer, leave this could let her talent company.
No matter where you go, you need to work with other people. For this, I believe you should have learned from a smart company manager in words.
Zhang Lan left the company, and it was a lesson to her. Because Zhang Lan graduated from a famous university, in the computer and talented, she again to find a good job is not difficult. As long as this lesson let her understand the importance of getting along with people, for her is get good out of misfortune.

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