Make good use of business cards

Make good use of business cards
In the social place, in the process of dealing with strangers, business card is in addition to the image of the East pass to the other side of their own personal appearance in the first hand personal information. Before with a stranger no deeper step of communication, in the form of the card to introduce yourself to each other, can yet be regarded as a kind of civilization and unrushed method. Whether the other side is willing to further exchanges with you, and to the other party a card with their own information, are not hurt.
As well known world sales master Joe Gilad, the role of business card. Qiaojilade that delivery of their cards to others, like a farmer when sowing seeds, after sowing, the farmer will reap what he paid labor.
Joe Gilad often goes to see a baseball game or a football game with more than ten thousand cards, and he will stand up from his seat at the goal or in the game. A lot of your own business card and to the air, flying all over the sky let business card. This seemingly crazy behavior, for his car sales to create a lot of other people can not get the opportunity.
Joe Gilad said, “I’m going to keep pushing myself. I’m going to tell everyone I know, who I am and what I’m doing. I want everyone who wants to buy a car. I know I should get in touch with me.”.”
A small business card, the achievement of Joe Gilad’s career, or more specifically, is a small business card, help Joe Gilad saved enough of the network, and then to achieve his career. So if you are a professional beauty, or do you want to become queen of sales, Deng Me, would wish from your small business cards start, for their own savings contacts, then let store your contacts to help you achieve your dreams.
And other ways, such as is often found in some of the public welfare social organizations, in some different people participate in self-help activities and classmates, colleagues held the party – – – – – – in these seemingly some time wasting activities, let oneself get the opportunity to know more people, for their better plot storage network lay the foundation.
Connections need to accumulate and precipitation for a long time, as long as you are a heart, Deng Me, anywhere is your opportunity to save your personal connections. As long as you are willing to take the initiative to reach out to others, willing to open your arms to embrace each other, Deng Me, no matter how you are in a strange environment, you can quickly find the people who like you and want to help you.