Woman success, connections first

Woman success, connections first
Talent in today’s society, although there is no lack of opportunity, however, to want to make some achievement, achievement career, is not an easy thing, for women is even more so. Because of the different ways of thinking, the decision of women in some areas of the ability and energy is indeed less than men, so, to be successful, need to pay more than men. More importantly, women who get involved in the society often need to face more complex social relations, if they are not good, it will cause women to throw all the energy into work. However, because of the more complex relationships among women, it is easier to be successful in women who are good at business connections.
Network determines your competitiveness
No matter in which society, people and people are the existence of the dispute, and the competitiveness of nature from the individual’s ability, which is beyond doubt. In addition to personal ability, interpersonal competence, more performance in a personal network of resources. , although can not say how much the number of friends to determine the size of a person’s competitiveness, but said that a person’s network resources to determine the competitiveness of a person is good. The reason for this is that because the network of resources to provide you with the help and opportunities, far greater than your personal ability. A person’s ability is limited, therefore, the individual’s competitiveness is also limited. But, with the network is not the same,. One more friend, one more chance. With the help of a friend, with a wealth of resources, the equivalent of a number of individual competitiveness increased by several times.
A person’s ability is limited, even if it is a genius, it is impossible to master. In the field of their own has never set foot in the field, it will be difficult to solve the problem. This time, if there is a good interpersonal relationship, you can find it in their own savings network resources. Experts, to solve the problem in time to make the success of becoming easier.
Harvard University has been targeted at the top of the Baer lab survey, the results found that the general recognition of professional talent, and not the county have a first-class professional ability, but the people who are more than normal connections. These people’s professional level is not the first class, but, they may spend a lot of time to ask and some of the key moments may be helpful to their people to develop good relations, so they tend to be in the face of the problem or crisis, with the help of others, it is easy to risk.
For anyone who wants to be successful, the network is a fulcrum of their lives, with good connections, can easily pry up their own is not easy to life.
Network is the foundation of success
Chen Anzhi, a famous successful scientist, has studied the world’s more than one hundred successful people, the conclusion of this conclusion is that the success of the knowledge of +70% =30% network, Chen Anzhi called it. The secret of success.
We’ll see in a research report, Harvard Business School Survey of success results is that in successful business people, 26% rely on the ability to work, 5% rely on family background, and interpersonal relationship accounted for 69%.
Perhaps you to such a formula or investigation report skeptical. However, this is indeed reflect the real situation of the reality of the CPA, is based on fact.
A survey of senior business executives in the United States shows that the average cost of the 3/4 is to deal with all kinds of interpersonal problems; 70% of the company’s biggest internal expenses are spent on human resources; 80% of the executives believe that the company’s largest wealth is the key to the success of the cause of the people.
Throughout the world of all successful people, no one is not a very rich person of network connections. Regardless of which industry’s success, in their struggle, in their relatively difficult time, no one is not to get the help and support of friends. It is because of these friends to help and support, they can smoothly through, so successful.
Of course, contacts and important, or to have knowledge as a foundation, otherwise, only by the network is very difficult to succeed, and, without knowledge as bedding, the accumulation and operation of the business will be greatly affected. In fact, we have never ignored the importance of knowledge, there is no reason to ignore the knowledge, but, the same, the business and the accumulation of human relationships can not be ignored.
Each person has the potential, your potential can not be transformed into the ability of the reality, often depends on you can get help from others. Before you have the potential to transform into ability, be sure to do a good relationship with others, so that you can really show up, and this is just the first step in your interpersonal relationship.

The accumulation of contacts as a kind of investment

The accumulation of contacts as a kind of investment
A person’s network is acquired through human relations, of course, here also includes a person’s ability to manage the network. Female social communication is relatively narrow, but the situation is more complex in the process of interpersonal relationship, which requires women to have stronger communication skills and the ability to manage their own network.
Some people regard the process of accumulation of personal connections as a deposit to the bank in a regular way to save people’s own savings, until your personal contacts and the number is growing, you have the resources that you have more wealth. In fact, more specifically, the accumulation and operation of the process, it should be said to be an investment. It is not only in accordance with the deposit so simple, because the amount of deposit is limited, you can only draw much, at most, plus some interest; and personal connections are not, you deposit in the network, you may be able to pay back the interest of numerous times, and, as long as you are good, you can not spend time limit, any time, connections are you can use the resources.
“Friend” provides the opportunity
Most people in work, in addition to a number of purely technical work, will be exposed to the work related to the people outside the unit, many people in the process of communication, in addition to working relationships, but also developed into a relatively good private relationship. Many times, these people will have a great impact on you in your career or in your daily life, and give you an unexpected help.
Han Guanhui, an advertising professional, after graduation from a newspaper advertising department. During the work, she has the opportunity to contact the Samsung, the United States and other major Brand Company of business. She did her best to do a good job, have a warm, considerate service, and sincerely ask for advice and suggestions on the advertising plan, which makes them very satisfied with her work. They continued to advertise in the newspaper that she works for her, to improve the performance of a lot of work, she and these customers in the private have become good friends.
Although performance has been good, but naturally like Han Guanhui challenges in work a few years later, unwilling to all day in the office computer advertising scheme, and decided to left the newspaper and start my own business. This time, she thought of the previous partnership law — personal relationship with customers friends. Just right At that time, the United States in the city where the air conditioning is not yet a store, Han Guanhui put forward their own to do the United States Air conditioning sales agents, the other is not too much hesitation, in many competitors are similar conditions in the case. Give her the right to exclusive sales in the local area.
Han Meihui was very lucky, she got the chance to get from her clients. However, Han Meihui’s results are inevitable, because she is the beginning of the work, the customer as a friend to operate. Han Meihui to run the business of customers, business friends made a kind of investment, the accumulation of their work in the small and scattered savings into the cause of great wealth. From the customer to develop into a friend, is the success of Han Meihui interpersonal management, it is these from the customer development to friends, help her succeed in business, let her have the opportunity to achieve self, self.
First hand information can also be borrowed”
Generally speaking, the first hand information of current events is very valuable and very rare, we must pay more than the average of the hardships and efforts. If that people not through their own efforts, but to others borrowed first-hand information, you may not feeling, however, American potato international current affairs analysis Jia Zhi Lipman, but access on their own without effort, without the ability to get the first hand information and successfully to others through the first-hand information they need to.
Lippmann old age, because of the limited time and energy himself to “the globe”, for their own research obtained first-hand information, which for the current folding the Lippmann is convergence of life.
However, Lippmann is not a breath, he has his own way, in many years of work, he has a lot of work in the first line of reporters friends. Every time you need the situation of a country of before, he would in his current affairs memo find once stationed in the country’s correspondent, please send them to dinner, happily drink. The natural to talk about some specific real situation in that country. Therefore For others “difficult to find” the first hand, Li Pu is more “all feigongfu don’t come”.
To live in this society, everyone needs to use the power of other people to meet their needs. As the ancients said, “the wise man has the power, the wise man’s strength, the wisdom of the wise man.”.” Lippmann is a man of the wisdom of the people, and can be used for him, it is he accumulated in the normal work of the network resources. Such a network of resources, so that his work in his old age, although not to visit the site to obtain first-hand information, but it is almost no time to get the.
Whether it is Han Meihui or Lippmann, they are the accumulation of contacts as a kind of investment. They store up their relationships in normal times, and make them more of a snowball, which makes them more of their own.
In fact, each of us has such opportunities, almost all of the people will be exposed to some customers in their own work, important is, you suddenly like and the customer contact, suddenly like to these customers to develop into your friends, trespass to these friends become your network of capital in the original capital, and to make these relations earning day. Only in this way, in your future development path, will continue to have people to help you.

Let the woman contacts Xinxiangshicheng

Let the woman contacts Xinxiangshicheng
Women living in modern society, especially women who have just graduated from college are looking for work, many people have such a feeling, although the market is always a lot of recruitment, although many large companies are recruiting, but to their own here, but can not find a suitable job.
Acquaintances recommended to help you easily find a satisfactory job.
In fact, to find a good job, not just to buy a newspaper, a visit to the recruitment website will be able to easily get through the recruitment website. Many times, from the introduction of acquaintances to be more successful than your own high probability of success. The results show that more than half of the company in the recruitment of employees, especially the need for some important positions, are the first from the company’s internal staff or acquaintances recommendation, because the risk of a small number of acquaintances recommended site recruitment, but also bring more easily into the state of staff. So, as long as your ability to be competent for a job, in the case of an acquaintance recommended, the probability of your success is almost one hundred percent.
Xiaoqin next month is going to a famous website served as deputy editor in chief, this is a copy of her long-awaited work. Little piano naturally very happy. However, happy, she did not feel the accident, because in her view, with their ability to work and good interpersonal relationships, get this job is only a matter of time.
Small Qin has five years of network editing experience, at work, she with a keen sense of professional, skilled business editor and legendary professionalism, in the circle of the medium-sized small famous, industry colleagues almost all know Xiaoqin. In addition to such well-known because of the professional skills and professional skills and dedication, but also because she usually very attention to the management of their own network resources.
In the network editing of this period of time, the small piano and the major site editors have had a lot of contact, many of which are some of the senior editor reporters. Although the business is not too much, but usually private relationship is good, every day, or the other special day, the little piano will be the first time to send greetings and blessings. As for the usual contact, although most of the network, but the other side of the small piano in the other seemingly casual day, send an email or in QQ, MSN send a smile and greeting. If you have time, she will also invite some friends to go to KTV or shopping, eat. Therefore, although she does not have any particular outstanding contribution and work in the industry, but, because of the good interpersonal management, many people in the world are her good friends, she wants to go to large web sites to do the idea of editing is also put on the friends of the proceedings.
So soon friend told Xiaoqin, a large portal is seeking a deputy editor in chief of staff, and consent of Xiaoqin, Xiaoqin resume directly recommended to the units in the human resources department. Website of the human resources department manager and editor in chief to understand the relevant circumstances that Xiaoqin influence in the industry, contacts and the ability to work all aspects of quality are very suitable for the site of the current development. After several interviews, the site finally determined to hire small Qin deputy editor.
Xiaoqin use their accumulation in the circle of good, easily get their desire to work. From this point of view, the communication skills of small piano, in its work after the R, perhaps more than her own professional and more to play a role.
In fact, whether it is the enterprise recruitment, or individuals looking for work, are more willing to use contacts. Through the recommendation of a relationship with the two sides, both sides of the trust of each other will be greatly increased, cooperation will be more understanding and more harmonious. So if you are a clever women, whether you are just Huaye are applying for a job, or intend to shoot jump, or your current job make you satisfied and happy, you should use every opportunity to own savings contacts, if not to find work, with sufficient network resources, for your current job and a great help.
Communicative competence is the survival of the modern people, for any one of the workplace, especially women, are very important. Good interpersonal skills and communication ability, not only help you to find a good 1 for the Lord direct and simple, a person in the career development process, good interpersonal skills will have glaze often directly, slope 39 for JN. So if you want I “I own career development faster, than their own future development road) t was more flat, Deng, enhancing the ability of interpersonal communication, let oneself become a talent of modern communication, to gather around you more friends and elegant, allow themselves to become the center of the help they. Want to think, the kind of day is not to be more happy?
Don’t put their connections unusable
Just Huaye students, often suffer from just step into the society, no more stronger connections to help fin a oneself, resulting in some good opportunities for former West can not match. At the same time, there are some people, because of lax management pat, you have connections, thereby losing some could use the good opportunity.
Nana candidates television entertainment presenters. At the time of the interview, unexpectedly the view, the interviewer turned out to be his good friend Jingjing before the intern teacher Hanbo, have a good relationship with the cyanine cyanine, Nana had also seen him.
After the interview, Nana to good friends the cyanine cyanine call, tell her I saw her intern teacher’s things, and asked her to ask about your interview and see that they have no chance to enter a retest.
Jingjing received a phone call from Nana, also surprised. After the internship, because of the busy work, she has been a long time no contact with the Han teacher. This time, by Nana, she suddenly thought of it.
She quickly found the phone call to the South Korean teacher, called after the past, by the way to ask Nana. The teacher is very happy, said: “I remember, Nana is a good performance, she is your friend, I think she should have no problem to enter the next round. Oh, how do you work now? After the end of the internship, there will be no news of you, I have a few chances here to recommend to you, but, has not been able to contact you, very sorry!”
Know the cyanine cyanine have found a satisfactory job, Korean teacher to relief said: “find a good job just fine. Just don’t forget to contact, may have a better chance!”
On the one hand to promise a certain Jingjing contact, as well as some remorse. Korean teacher although not blame himself, however, the teacher always regret remember their work, while they have not with him. At the same time, she is also reflection, because of their own in the passive nature of communication, not only lost a lot of good opportunities, but also a little bit of their contacts to the neglect.
The cyanine cyanine is lucky, because friends Nana things, let her contact to their intern teacher Hanbo and recognized in a timely manner to their neglect of interpersonal relationships. Although they have missed some good opportunities, but in general, to their own or not cause too much damage.
In real life, Qiu the cyanine cyanine such neglect operations his contacts of a lot of people, especially some introverted girl, whether it is for what reason always seldom take the initiative to their network of resources management, not add new resources for their own contacts, sometimes, Yun to existing resources because of their neglect of contact and was eventually abandoned.
In fact, the girl just graduated from university will not have to distress, network resources will not have to wait until the social future will have, as long as you are good at business, don’t neglect to keep in touch with others, your personal connections, from any time can start. Teachers, students and their friends in college. You during the internship period teachers or leaders of the unit, perilla to your hardworking frugal hours understanding people or tutor when exposed to the parents of students, can become a member of your network of resources. Han Bo in the story above the teacher, it is only an intern teacher. Jingjing.
As a new era of the new women, although you may have stable career, family happiness, however, must not Ryukyu suddenly the networking business, don’t put their contacts shortage nullify. Even if you don’t have a relationship at a time, at any time, the network resource is the capital you must have in this society.

Go out and expand your social circle.

Go out and expand your social circle.
Business contacts, not just in their own around the fixed circle have a good karma can, in addition, you must do is to expand their circle of communication, expand the interpersonal contact and, to let their popularity is radially spreading out, no edge. Don’t do “gate a second door step” ladylike, also do not have to catch up with the fashion and to choose to do “curtilage female”, not to blindly countersunk in the work, such a state of life or make you become cowardice, or let you out of touch with the outside world, or let you become slaves, so might as well in her spare time go out. “House” at home, the Russian can takeout, there are other things that are “just in time” to help, this seemingly leisurely and carefree life is enviable, but there is one thing you have to understand, when you need people’s hand, “house” in the home you is difficult to help a lot of people the. Because, you don’t always communicate with the outside world, already became “the Regal isolationist”.
Actively participate in social activities
If you don’t have a good way to get to a new friend, you can choose to take part in some group activities, which is the best place to build relationships. In, you can get to know more friends from all walks of life, friends in these different industries will make you get more comprehensive good karma.
For example, you can participate in the self-help travel, or to participate in the fitness club, or to participate in public welfare social groups, etc.. Regardless of which group or institution, like-minded all walks of life, and all levels of friends around you, and they have a their own circle of friends, where, your relationships will quickly to launch like spread. And, as long as you’re good, the expansion of this relationship will continue, and the more friends you have, the more you will be.
People and people’s interaction, interaction, the best in the natural situation, which helps to build feelings and trust.
In participating in social activities, especially in some public welfare activities, people are in the same environment, with a more natural state of mutual contact and interaction, this time, people will be less of a certain feeling of restraint, communication will be more smooth.
Social groups can make you make more friends
If you are able to play a role as an organizer or a liaison in a group, you are very lucky, because in the process of your service, you will have more chances to get in touch with more people, and with them, communicate, communicate, and gradually become familiar, naturally, they will become a member of your network, your network will continue to extend the road.
Jiao Haiying is a local private company’s boss, her company is not too big, but in the place is also a small reputation. Her company has been in operation for ten years. Has been the local tax payers. She participated in the national, regional, industry, social organizations have nearly ten, of which, there are several is the public welfare organizations. During the rest of the community, every social group she attended at least once a year, and each of her community, she had at least three or four close friends. To this end, in her company to ten years of business, she runs very smoothly, very few encounter can not solve the problem, often there is a problem when there is always a friend to help.
Jiao Haiying said her company more than 70% of the external things, rely on strong regiment understanding of friends to help and support to complete, if not the friend of Dinglixiangzhu, then at least 50% of the things he is no way to do.
Of course, not all social groups you have to go, one is each person’s energy is limited, all of their energy to the social group, their own business will not be able to. Second, and not all social groups can go to, numerous social public welfare or spontaneous organizations, and organization of the hierarchy is bad. So, if you want to expand your social circle by participating in some social groups, you can do a careful selection of what you can participate in, and what you want to do. The standard is that you have to be able to gain from these activities or organizations, and to enrich your network resources here.

Make good use of business cards

Make good use of business cards
In the social place, in the process of dealing with strangers, business card is in addition to the image of the East pass to the other side of their own personal appearance in the first hand personal information. Before with a stranger no deeper step of communication, in the form of the card to introduce yourself to each other, can yet be regarded as a kind of civilization and unrushed method. Whether the other side is willing to further exchanges with you, and to the other party a card with their own information, are not hurt.
As well known world sales master Joe Gilad, the role of business card. Qiaojilade that delivery of their cards to others, like a farmer when sowing seeds, after sowing, the farmer will reap what he paid labor.
Joe Gilad often goes to see a baseball game or a football game with more than ten thousand cards, and he will stand up from his seat at the goal or in the game. A lot of your own business card and to the air, flying all over the sky let business card. This seemingly crazy behavior, for his car sales to create a lot of other people can not get the opportunity.
Joe Gilad said, “I’m going to keep pushing myself. I’m going to tell everyone I know, who I am and what I’m doing. I want everyone who wants to buy a car. I know I should get in touch with me.”.”
A small business card, the achievement of Joe Gilad’s career, or more specifically, is a small business card, help Joe Gilad saved enough of the network, and then to achieve his career. So if you are a professional beauty, or do you want to become queen of sales, Deng Me, would wish from your small business cards start, for their own savings contacts, then let store your contacts to help you achieve your dreams.
And other ways, such as is often found in some of the public welfare social organizations, in some different people participate in self-help activities and classmates, colleagues held the party – – – – – – in these seemingly some time wasting activities, let oneself get the opportunity to know more people, for their better plot storage network lay the foundation.
Connections need to accumulate and precipitation for a long time, as long as you are a heart, Deng Me, anywhere is your opportunity to save your personal connections. As long as you are willing to take the initiative to reach out to others, willing to open your arms to embrace each other, Deng Me, no matter how you are in a strange environment, you can quickly find the people who like you and want to help you.