Bow is a kind of wisdom

Bow is a kind of wisdom

The ancients said: to just fold, the good is like water. Life is not without pride, but we cannot always held his head. A man of manners, like water, is good at everything, and water until soft, not disputes with people endlessly. Because they understand that those with lower higher to music, stretch; soft, can just can look back, will come in. Bow for humility, prudence, is the so-called retreat, cause cause and effect are achieved Avenue, achievement of self.
Remember, at one point, I saw the front yard of the sunflower and bowed his head, whim, found a rope and bamboo poles, a sunflower will be fixed up and was standing by it, look directly at the Sun. I naively believes that it can make sunflower save around trouble, can better absorb sunlight, future particles will be more full.

In the fall, sunflowers are ripe, I can’t wait to come to the approach of the high head sunflower, and thought it was the best, but I am dismayed that, that sunflowers were empty, there will be no full of seed, also gives off a pungent smell of mildew. I asked my father: “why the sunflower harvest held his head? “My father said, laughing:” silly boy, sunflower heads, redundant dew line does not go out, it is easy to breed bacteria, so it would be rotten, you are kind to help busy. In fact, sunflowers, slightly bowed, one is the expression of piety and respect for the Sun, then in order to protect themselves, while Sunflower is a dumb, no intelligence of plants, but they are born with the ability to know, if you want to survive in the world, it is necessary to know how to moderate head. ”

Father, I nodded a lot. Later, I observed, not only sunflowers, and many other plants are aware of this fact. For example, when millet green when they are always, a look of fear but when they come of age, but always humbly bowed his head, a look like. Because it can not only effectively avoid the danger of being broken, but also that the birds could not find focus, thus saved itself through hardships from the fruit.

At this time, it suddenly dawned on me, it turned out that bow is also a big mind, big, big wisdom. I have a friend, he has been pursuing a “good being bullied, horse ride on” philosophy, so very hard, the result has offended many people, he was not led in the unit value, was not welcomed by his colleagues. Each time, a promotion with him, carry work and he passed by, mixing for more than 10 years, or a small staff of one. Friends were wondering, he said: “I just defend their right, what’s wrong with this one? ”

Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with that, just a matter of life. General Tso’s have a saying: “when the down and out, without bullying; big date, not to be jealous. “One should know when to fight, when should I put down, just settling that is a weakness and just puffed up, that is a kind of ignorance. A overexert physical limits, insolent, arrogant people everywhere, it’s hard to get recognition and affirmation from others, it is difficult to accomplish in his career, not in the face of reality is truthless, black and blue, are being marginalized, isolated, depressed and frustrated.