Go out and expand your social circle.

Go out and expand your social circle.
Business contacts, not just in their own around the fixed circle have a good karma can, in addition, you must do is to expand their circle of communication, expand the interpersonal contact and, to let their popularity is radially spreading out, no edge. Don’t do “gate a second door step” ladylike, also do not have to catch up with the fashion and to choose to do “curtilage female”, not to blindly countersunk in the work, such a state of life or make you become cowardice, or let you out of touch with the outside world, or let you become slaves, so might as well in her spare time go out. “House” at home, the Russian can takeout, there are other things that are “just in time” to help, this seemingly leisurely and carefree life is enviable, but there is one thing you have to understand, when you need people’s hand, “house” in the home you is difficult to help a lot of people the. Because, you don’t always communicate with the outside world, already became “the Regal isolationist”.
Actively participate in social activities
If you don’t have a good way to get to a new friend, you can choose to take part in some group activities, which is the best place to build relationships. In, you can get to know more friends from all walks of life, friends in these different industries will make you get more comprehensive good karma.
For example, you can participate in the self-help travel, or to participate in the fitness club, or to participate in public welfare social groups, etc.. Regardless of which group or institution, like-minded all walks of life, and all levels of friends around you, and they have a their own circle of friends, where, your relationships will quickly to launch like spread. And, as long as you’re good, the expansion of this relationship will continue, and the more friends you have, the more you will be.
People and people’s interaction, interaction, the best in the natural situation, which helps to build feelings and trust.
In participating in social activities, especially in some public welfare activities, people are in the same environment, with a more natural state of mutual contact and interaction, this time, people will be less of a certain feeling of restraint, communication will be more smooth.
Social groups can make you make more friends
If you are able to play a role as an organizer or a liaison in a group, you are very lucky, because in the process of your service, you will have more chances to get in touch with more people, and with them, communicate, communicate, and gradually become familiar, naturally, they will become a member of your network, your network will continue to extend the road.
Jiao Haiying is a local private company’s boss, her company is not too big, but in the place is also a small reputation. Her company has been in operation for ten years. Has been the local tax payers. She participated in the national, regional, industry, social organizations have nearly ten, of which, there are several is the public welfare organizations. During the rest of the community, every social group she attended at least once a year, and each of her community, she had at least three or four close friends. To this end, in her company to ten years of business, she runs very smoothly, very few encounter can not solve the problem, often there is a problem when there is always a friend to help.
Jiao Haiying said her company more than 70% of the external things, rely on strong regiment understanding of friends to help and support to complete, if not the friend of Dinglixiangzhu, then at least 50% of the things he is no way to do.
Of course, not all social groups you have to go, one is each person’s energy is limited, all of their energy to the social group, their own business will not be able to. Second, and not all social groups can go to, numerous social public welfare or spontaneous organizations, and organization of the hierarchy is bad. So, if you want to expand your social circle by participating in some social groups, you can do a careful selection of what you can participate in, and what you want to do. The standard is that you have to be able to gain from these activities or organizations, and to enrich your network resources here.