Multiple friends multiple paths

In real life, everyone has to be involved in social intercourse, and women are no exception. Whether it is a housewife or a professional beauty, network resources are let her become happier, more successful essential factors. Therefore, the woman also cannot neglect the importance of the network. A woman who is good at communication, even if it is a full-time housewife, will make more friends with her social skills, even if it is necessary to help her husband to save a shortcut. For those professional beauty, communication is indispensable. Communication, the most popular in the field, not only to win the boss’s favor, win colleague’s favor, to win the loyalty of subordinates, win the competitor’s drink wear, the stranger won praise that. So, women, please put your time to transfer some of the network, to maintain the relationship with all others, even if it is a stranger to meet occasionally, also do not miss.
Ting Ting is a small city of a mechanical assistant general manager of a company. On a plane to Shanghai on a business trip, met in Beijing lawyer’s girl Xiao Guan, two people of similar age and many interests in common hobby, a short journey, two people chat very speculative. Respectively, the two people left the contact information, continue to maintain contact after the meeting.
Time passed quickly, a year later, Ting Ting is located in the company because of poor management forced to shut down, Ting Ting is unemployed. Depressed and anxious over, she wanted to change the environment, to go out to find a chance, she thought of as a lawyer in Beijing Xiaoguan. So, she called off, your ideas and situation with Xiao Guan said, see small can help. Originally, she also just hold try ideas, because although a year to themselves and Xiao guan have been in contact, but after all, when the two men just on the plane know, after breaking up because their work is busy, only occasionally play a phone call about and Xiao guan and they are not in the same industry, not necessarily help. Did not expect, Xiaoguan is encouraged her to Beijing, and offered to their customers in the machinery industry, you can try to recommend they Tingting.
The next thing is going very smoothly, on the recommendation of the Xiaoguan, a mechanical company in Beijing Mister and graceful to meet and communicate with each other, the two sides to each other are very satisfied, graceful successfully found work. Later, in the company of the company performance is very good, the public to the boss repeatedly for her reward, Ting also feel their ability to play, here to find their own value.
As the saying goes: “a number of friends more than the road.” Even the occasional stranger, as far as possible to change their friends. From the above examples can be seen, often you are in the business of the contacts, can provide a great help to you at the critical moment, to change your life from now on.
Communication is not difficult, more than a man’s thing, as a modern society of new women, to get happiness, to succeed, it is necessary to pay more hardships and energy, so women should pay more attention to the powerful role of contacts, regardless of what you do, in what kind of environment, interpersonal and communication skills are an indispensable ability. This is a person living in the society must have the conditions, therefore, it can be said that for any person, the same person in the same network, a person’s “lifeline”, disconnected. Human’s life value will be very difficult to manifest.
So sisters. Product Cha action together, to weave your network, have a good interpersonal relationship mound, can make full use of network resources, you weak shoulders can bear more weight, because this time for you. Not a person, but a number of people in a steady stream to give you help and support. They are with you.