The friendship, active atmosphere pull.

The friendship, active atmosphere pull.
Have a preliminary contact with strangers, to friendship, relationships, this is the second step to expand your contacts. Since it is set. , you must have an active atmosphere. Although we have met, but after all, is not familiar with, then if you can create an active and warm atmosphere, each other can be relaxed, and the exchange is more harmonious. County, how active atmosphere?
(1) praise to each other. In a deeper and deeper exchanges with each other before, you can first praise each other if you know the other side of the situation is naturally better, if the other side is not too much to understand, you can first from the other side of the appearance and the performance of the scene to praise, and thus extended a topic. People are vanity, in general, the majority of people in the praise of their own will be very excited, is also willing to open the topic.
(2) the use of props, one. Meet for the first time, the simple after greeting, because the moment there is no common topic, there will be a temporary lull, between may be awkward. At this time, you may temporarily unable to from elsewhere to find the topic, then you always carry some small props can also come in handy. For example, a unique key chain summer carry on in the bag a small fan, if the other party also happens to women, it is better to say, women never find the topic, Yun to just the other side put in the hands of fine packet can be as a props which leads to the topic, and on the basis of ulterior motive.
The atmosphere is active, the topic is started, and then you will find the other party’s interest in the conversation. Interest in the topic of interest, it is best to be able to direct the interest of the other side, in the exchange process, the performance of him, (her) and their interest.
Everyone wants to be concerned about, everyone has self-esteem and vanity, you pay attention to each other, naturally meet each other’s pride and vanity, the other naturally want to be close to you, close to the distance between you and you, and even consciously and you set almost. At this time, a friendship with each other, you locked up.
One point to be noted is that when you interact with a stranger, no matter what kind of subject matter, you must accept each other with a forgiving heart. Because each person’s views and positions are not the same, maybe you will have some differences of opinion in the process of communication, then do not have to to with each other is flushed, tolerant, try to accept each other’s point of view, even if they don’t accept, also do not need to be tough against, retreat in order to advance the method maybe better, so that the other party will more acceptable to you.

The accumulation of contacts as a kind of investment

The accumulation of contacts as a kind of investment
A person’s network is acquired through human relations, of course, here also includes a person’s ability to manage the network. Female social communication is relatively narrow, but the situation is more complex in the process of interpersonal relationship, which requires women to have stronger communication skills and the ability to manage their own network.
Some people regard the process of accumulation of personal connections as a deposit to the bank in a regular way to save people’s own savings, until your personal contacts and the number is growing, you have the resources that you have more wealth. In fact, more specifically, the accumulation and operation of the process, it should be said to be an investment. It is not only in accordance with the deposit so simple, because the amount of deposit is limited, you can only draw much, at most, plus some interest; and personal connections are not, you deposit in the network, you may be able to pay back the interest of numerous times, and, as long as you are good, you can not spend time limit, any time, connections are you can use the resources.
“Friend” provides the opportunity
Most people in work, in addition to a number of purely technical work, will be exposed to the work related to the people outside the unit, many people in the process of communication, in addition to working relationships, but also developed into a relatively good private relationship. Many times, these people will have a great impact on you in your career or in your daily life, and give you an unexpected help.
Han Guanhui, an advertising professional, after graduation from a newspaper advertising department. During the work, she has the opportunity to contact the Samsung, the United States and other major Brand Company of business. She did her best to do a good job, have a warm, considerate service, and sincerely ask for advice and suggestions on the advertising plan, which makes them very satisfied with her work. They continued to advertise in the newspaper that she works for her, to improve the performance of a lot of work, she and these customers in the private have become good friends.
Although performance has been good, but naturally like Han Guanhui challenges in work a few years later, unwilling to all day in the office computer advertising scheme, and decided to left the newspaper and start my own business. This time, she thought of the previous partnership law — personal relationship with customers friends. Just right At that time, the United States in the city where the air conditioning is not yet a store, Han Guanhui put forward their own to do the United States Air conditioning sales agents, the other is not too much hesitation, in many competitors are similar conditions in the case. Give her the right to exclusive sales in the local area.
Han Meihui was very lucky, she got the chance to get from her clients. However, Han Meihui’s results are inevitable, because she is the beginning of the work, the customer as a friend to operate. Han Meihui to run the business of customers, business friends made a kind of investment, the accumulation of their work in the small and scattered savings into the cause of great wealth. From the customer to develop into a friend, is the success of Han Meihui interpersonal management, it is these from the customer development to friends, help her succeed in business, let her have the opportunity to achieve self, self.
First hand information can also be borrowed”
Generally speaking, the first hand information of current events is very valuable and very rare, we must pay more than the average of the hardships and efforts. If that people not through their own efforts, but to others borrowed first-hand information, you may not feeling, however, American potato international current affairs analysis Jia Zhi Lipman, but access on their own without effort, without the ability to get the first hand information and successfully to others through the first-hand information they need to.
Lippmann old age, because of the limited time and energy himself to “the globe”, for their own research obtained first-hand information, which for the current folding the Lippmann is convergence of life.
However, Lippmann is not a breath, he has his own way, in many years of work, he has a lot of work in the first line of reporters friends. Every time you need the situation of a country of before, he would in his current affairs memo find once stationed in the country’s correspondent, please send them to dinner, happily drink. The natural to talk about some specific real situation in that country. Therefore For others “difficult to find” the first hand, Li Pu is more “all feigongfu don’t come”.
To live in this society, everyone needs to use the power of other people to meet their needs. As the ancients said, “the wise man has the power, the wise man’s strength, the wisdom of the wise man.”.” Lippmann is a man of the wisdom of the people, and can be used for him, it is he accumulated in the normal work of the network resources. Such a network of resources, so that his work in his old age, although not to visit the site to obtain first-hand information, but it is almost no time to get the.
Whether it is Han Meihui or Lippmann, they are the accumulation of contacts as a kind of investment. They store up their relationships in normal times, and make them more of a snowball, which makes them more of their own.
In fact, each of us has such opportunities, almost all of the people will be exposed to some customers in their own work, important is, you suddenly like and the customer contact, suddenly like to these customers to develop into your friends, trespass to these friends become your network of capital in the original capital, and to make these relations earning day. Only in this way, in your future development path, will continue to have people to help you.