Although he refused to say, but there is “way” to follow:

Although he refused to say, but there is “way” to follow:

1. Others please tell

Generally speaking, in the presence of others refused or rejected is always hard to accept in person, after all, and he hoped the gap is too big. Someone else’s request just like a beautiful soap bubble, if you all of a sudden burst is somewhat cruel, and please others to give the others time and psychological cushioning, relatively speaking, are easily accepted.

2. Other pointers:

When you’re powerless, or at the request of to do when you don’t want to help, you can introduce him in several ways. Fred has also used this method in the example, he let friends pay attention to strengthening the quality of design drawings may be another way out.

If you showed ways to remain “dead line”, I believe that your friend won’t blame you, after all you are trying to help advise him. Of course, if this is successful, you will naturally become the object of gratitude.

3. Begged

Fred said he was going to buy furniture is a Dodge. If you like Fred, met each other at the invitation of potential requests, may wish to use this approach, no matter what the reason, smart person will definitely see what you mean.

4. Fuzzy answer file

If a friend or loved one suggested that flowers in the park weekend, don’t refuse. “I’m not going to, not fun at all! “Something very easy to hurt each other’s self-esteem, put other people’s enthusiasm and high spirits. You can say: “flowers are great! Go boating this season should be good, too! “This answer sounds like endorsed each other’s proposals, but it shows that you are more likely to rowing, in essence, is a negative.

5. Transfer issue is answered in the negative

It doesn’t have to be “Yes” and “no” answers the request, aside the problem itself is synonymous with refuse. If they say: “we’re skating again tomorrow to this place! “” Oh! I think we should get back! “Your answer will at least make them think you’re cold in this proposal, he will know that you want to grant his request.

6. Use meaningful silence

People have different understanding of the silence, the silence has different meanings in different. Silence can say resistance or silence expressed strong negative, can also indicate the default silence can say dull dull, can also be represented inside a wealth of thought … …

If the other party has expressed his view on things, although you smile, but you’re silent you hid the real thoughts, which he says is probably negative.

Don’t be afraid of hurting their feelings and face, acknowledge the promise of all the requests. Once you like the other person expects you promised to do things well, it will delay things, myself and my friends that I’m sorry.