Be a smart woman

Be a smart woman

Smart women have “three”
Smart women have “three”, the backbone, the aura and atmosphere.

“Guts” is not because of the pressure to bend, not because of the temptation and confusion, not because of poor and dispirited, not because of the difficulties and negative, not because of frustration, not atrophy due to combat. Always keep a cool head, according to their own will, energetic live and try to make yourself happy.

“Aura” is failing over, don’t forget eyes, are not in the same places repeatedly stumbled, repeatedly hit a wall. Don’t make a fuss, to actively resolve contradictions, within its range, and all related things to do best.

“Atmosphere” is natural gas. Not trivial, no nagging, no haggle; no complaints, not complaining, not hating; not meimaohuziyibazhua, cut, cut, more mess; no dangmianyitao set; when you win, not driven, time of frustrated not to be discouraged. Regardless of the length of life, all life as one song and, conversely, into unique melodies, or magnificent, striking; or bridges, quiet and elegant.

A clever woman, let her family life a mess, won’t make the workplace a mess. With guts there often exists in constant progress in the fight, all the way forward, never stop. Reiki, as birds have wings, flying in the blue sky and white clouds on the left of the track. The atmosphere would not be troubled by secular, there would be no trivial worries, there would be no sighing deeply, a waste of time.

Life is a song, melodious song of a smart woman knows how to make life sweet and enchanting. Life is a long river, smart women know how to let the water in the wind comes, keep calm, no wind no waves caused a small ripple.

Have the backbone, the aura and atmosphere of a woman, life monotonous nor boring, plain will be respected in the workplace, life for humble admiration.