To pull their own relationship

To pull their own relationship
The establishment of a relational network is not an irrelevant social activity, but an active effort to make a conscious effort to make a conscious effort to own the achievements. “Pull relationship” and “play” are two different concepts. It is a conscious effort to make contact with you in a certain way and in your success. It is a kind of initiative to pull yourself around the network of people who are familiar or unfamiliar.
Social field. Take the initiative out of your hand
Some people tend to be active in some social situations, or at a party, while others are more passive. We often find this phenomenon: some people a way, you will be able to feel her, everywhere can hear the voice of her, always can see her figure, as if she and here are friends; at the same time, there are also some people, alone in a corner, a person bored to drink coffee, as if everything is nothing to do with her.
In some places of communication, we find that most of the women do not want to take the initiative to communicate, in fact, this is only a superficial. Some passive person, is also not entirely voluntary passive, just in communicative situations, lack of self-confidence. Inside was more timid, worry about on their own initiative and greet others will be neglected or rejected, and prefers to be alone in the corner of the crowds outside the taste of loneliness. This time, if they give them a shot point, they desire to communicate will be gushing out.
In fact, everyone may will have or used to have such a psychological, however, once you’ve overcome this psychological barrier, boldly going out, you will find, the vast majority of people will return you a feeling of Chang, you think of cold or reject may simply not going to happen, even if there is, most people’s enthusiasm will damage to your heart because rebuffs or refused by melt off. So, if you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to give yourself a relationship, or should be positive, the initiative to put their hands to others, try, you will have a good income.
Of course, can not say that a person alone drink coffee is not good, it is also a personal taste, perhaps you want to be in a noisy crowd alone to enjoy a quiet. However, since it is a party, since it is a place of communication, since we have come here, why not to communicate with others? You know, in every day we are busy today, together, in the opportunity to communicate with not much, is a good opportunity to get to know a stranger, to expand their contacts in communicative situations. Here, you can put down his own modesty, others take the initiative to put out his hand, take the initiative to their lesbian relationship.

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