Woman success, connections first

Woman success, connections first
Talent in today’s society, although there is no lack of opportunity, however, to want to make some achievement, career success, is not an easy thing, for women is even more so. Because of the different ways of thinking, the decision of women in some areas of the ability and energy is indeed less than men, so, to be successful, need to pay more than men. More importantly, women who get involved in the society often need to face more complex social relations, if they are not good, it will cause women to throw all the energy into work. However, because of the more complex relationships among women, it is easier to be successful in women who are good at business connections.
Network determines your competitiveness
No matter in which society, people and people are in the existence of competition, and the competitiveness of natural from the individual’s ability, which is beyond doubt. In addition to personal ability, interpersonal competence, more performance in a personal network of resources. , although can not say how much the number of friends to determine the size of a person’s competitiveness, but said that a person’s network resources to determine the competitiveness of a person is good. The reason for this is that because the network of resources to provide you with the help and opportunities, far greater than your personal ability. A person’s ability is limited, therefore, the individual’s competitiveness is also limited. But, with the network is not the same, “more than a friend, more than an opportunity. With the help of a friend, with a wealth of resources, the equivalent of a number of individual competitiveness increased by several times.
A person’s ability is limited, even if it is a genius, it is impossible to master. In the field of their own has never set foot in the field, it will be difficult to solve the problem. This time, if there is a good interpersonal relationship, you can find it in their own savings network resources. Expert. To solve the problem in time to make it easier to succeed.
Harvard University once for top Bell Labs researcher done survey, it was found, was universally recognized professionals, and not have a first-class professional ability, but county some usual connections better people. The professional level that, although not elegant. However, they may spend a lot of time and Xing some at the crucial moment may be on their own to help people develop good relationship, so they tend to in the face of a problem or crisis. With the help of others, easily saved the day.
For anyone who wants to be successful, the network is a fulcrum of their lives, with good connections, can easily pry up their own is not easy to life.
Network is the foundation of success
Chen Anzhi, a famous successful scientist, has studied the world’s more than one hundred successful people, to draw such a conclusion that the success of the knowledge of +70% =30% network, Chen Anzhi called it. The secret of success.
We’ll see in a research report, Harvard Business School Survey of success results is that in successful business people, 26% rely on the ability to work, 5% rely on family background, and interpersonal relationship accounted for 69%
Perhaps you to such a formula or a research report skeptical. However, this is indeed reflect the real situation of the social reality, is based on fact.
A survey of top executives in the US business community has shown that the average cost of 3/4 is the largest of 80% executives in human resources that “the company’s biggest asset is one of the most successful people,” says Guan Jian, who is 70% of the company’s biggest asset.
Throughout the world of all successful people, no one is not a very rich person of network connections. Regardless of which industry’s success, in their struggle, in their relatively difficult time, no one is not to get the help and support of friends. It is because of these friends to help and support, they can smoothly through, so successful.
Of course, contacts and important, or to have knowledge as a foundation, otherwise, only by the network is very difficult to succeed, and, without knowledge as bedding, the accumulation and operation of the business will be greatly affected. In fact, we have never ignored the importance of knowledge, there is no reason to ignore the knowledge, but, the same, the business and the accumulation of human relationships can not be ignored.
Each person has the potential, your potential can not be transformed into the ability of the reality, often depends on you can get help from others. Before you have the potential to transform into ability, be sure to do a good relationship with others, so that you can really show up, and this is just the first step in your interpersonal relationship.

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